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Playoff Predictions (By Robins)

Nov 21st 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Alpha Ruby:

Paterson Pineapples over Yonkers River Rats: Confidence 4/10 (Three Games)

The Pineapples have a great team and are top 5 in the batting categories, but are ranked 19th in ERA and 16th in WHIP. The River Rats are top 5 in every category except for run, which they are 8th. The reason the Pineapples have the slightest edge outside of stats is that they are arguable in the best division in Franchise Ball. That division has three teams over 40 wins. Those teams are Paterson Pineapples, Fort Worth Horned Frogs and San Jose Panthers. If the Pineapples win this series, it will come down to pitching. If the Pineapples pitching does great, the offense should hold up and win the series.

Alta Canyon:

Honolulu Shimakaze over Oakland Obzen: Confidence 4/10 (Three Games)

This matchup is probably a coin flip. The Shimakaze have the super rotation, but Obzen are first in Alta Canyon in WHIP. Obzen are top 5 in every category and Shimkaze are in top 3 in the batting categories. The pitching in this matchup should be very good. The batting in this matchup might be the decider.

Beta Compass:

Spokane Warriors over Erie Spartans: Confidence 4/10 (Three Games)

The GOAT of Franchise Ball is looking for vengeance after last season’s early exit. The Spartans have a great team and finished at 44-16. The Spartans are top 10 in each category. They are 3rd in ERA. The Warriors are top 10 in every category and are 2nd in WHIP. When you break it down, the stats say this will be a great series. The Warriors are the GOAT of Franchise Ball and experience might be the difference in this matchup. Pitching should be the difference in this matchup.

Copper Spring: Eugune Spitters over Windsor Wind Surge: Confidence 6/10 (Three Games)

The Spitters are seeded 2nd in Copper Spring and have just recently returned to Franchise Ball. WInd Surge gave away all their good players after their World Series win.The Spitters are 3rd in both batting categories and 13th and 12th in the pitching. Wind Surge is top 5 in each category and are 2nd in runs with 345. This matchup will come down to pitching. If the Spitters’ pitching could hold up, they should win Copper Spring.

Epsilon Peak: San Diego Giants over St. Johns Codfish: Confidence 7.5/10 (2 Games)

The Giants are a no-brainer and will sweep everyone they come across. The only bug question here was: Who will get swept by them in the finals? And I would have to say that the Codfish, who lead Epsilon in runs (552), AVG (.383), H (900) and HR (184) will run into a Giants team who has an exceptional offense and the best pitching in Epsilon (3.055 ERA) and fall flat.

Ocean Star: Baltimore Orioles over Winnipeg Frost: Confidence 6/10 (Two Games)

The Orioles have a team loaded with great players. They’ve won two world titles in 72 seasons. They are second in both hitting categories. But the pitcher on the other hand was 25th and 24th in the league with a 4.739 ERA and a 1.206 WHIP. The Frost, however, were 3rd in both categories and 18th and 17th in the offensive categories. This should be a great matchup to watch if it happens. This matchup will come down to Frost’s hitting and Orioles’ Pitching

Theta Premier: Vancouver Terrace Thunder over Shreveport Captains: Confidence: 2/10

The reason I say 2/10 on this one is because it’s such a scramble for the top. It reminded me of Epsilon last year, when there were 3 teams at 48-12, and there wasn’t a clear winner. The thing about Theta is that everything is such a fiasco that I couldn’t tell you for sure. The Captains appear to be a threat, but in the end we need a Cinderella and Vancouver could be it.

Delta Premier: San Diego Bombers over St. Johns Deadly Sins: Confidence 5/10 (Three Games)

The Bombers are coming off that title and are looking for more. They finished up number 1 in the world and are top five in every category. They are first in Delta Premier with a 0.933 WHIP. The Deadly Sins finished 16th in the world and are 2nd in both of the offensive categories with a 0.375 average and 570 runs scored. But they are 19th and 16th in ERA and WHIP with a 4.681 ERA and a 1.163 WHIP. With a great Bomber offense, it should be a great test for the pitching.

Wildcard: Cincinnati Reds over New York Mets: Confidence 1/10

The reason the confidence is 1/10 is because the Wildcard is so tough to predict. But, the Reds are first in both offensive categories with a 0.377 average and 571 runs scored. Their pitching is 21st and 35th, but with batting that good, they could make up the runs given up by the pitching. The Mets just made the playoffs and are on a hot streak. They won 10 of their last 12. Their top category is 13th in average with a 0.281 average. But if that hot streak could continue, they could make it all the way.

These are just predictions, they might be totally off.

News Conversation
Dodgers : 
I beat Pineapples with a comeback
2 years ago
Mets, dont criticize this stuff, nobody is technically required to make these things. We do it for fun, you do too, and in the end, nobody gets compensated. Lets pay the people a little respect for these things
2 years ago
Chill man.
2 years ago
Giants : 
2 years ago
Giants : 
I'd take anything that the Mets say with a grain of salt. He was mad that he didn't get on the power rankings with a 29-30 team
2 years ago
I suppose power rankings are hard too. Maybe Ill try it someday to get a taste of it
2 years ago
Yes it is these are very good so far
2 years ago
Cobras : 
from expierence, it's hard
2 years ago
Cobras : 
Mets if your so good at it you try it.
2 years ago
I dont get how these are trash when he actually did pretty well in these predictions so far
2 years ago
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