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Split Issue #2 - Which is the best league in FB, Alta or Delta? - by Toronto Blue Jays

Nov 19th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

The best league in Franchise Ball… what does that mean? Do you add up all the wins of the top teams and call it a day or do you do a closer analysis on each team? I was inspired by the Lions many months ago when he wrote an article about which league is the best league in Franchise Ball at the time. After reading that I really thought every season, which league is the best? If you ask somebody their answers will be different. There are obviously pros and cons to all leagues. Some are more of a predominantly pitching league or the other league might be slugging every ball they can find.

When I talk to people the top two leagues become pretty clear. Alta or Delta. If you read the Lion’s article from a while ago you might remember that Delta came on top. I can not argue with that in any way. How do you turn down a league with the Bombers and Reds in the same division having two top offenses every year? The answer is you do not. Delta has been a lot more consistent. They have kept veteran teams over the years and they are still getting great teams coming in like the Sins who like the two teams already stated, have their bats on the ball at all times.

Do you choose Alta though. They are a newer league but have a lot of veteran teams that got moved around over the seasons especially because of the Beta Compass incident that I would not prefer to get into. In the late 80s Alta was in a drought with no players but then a League got deleted and very strong teams came in Like Shima, the Bisons and more. After that happened people were saying Alta was now for sure the best League. They had time to prove themselves but lost to Delta in a wonderful World Series matchup between the Shimakaze and the Bombers. When you look at the current Alta playoff projection you have all quality teams entering the League Playoffs. They are all very active and have a relatively consistent memo in pitching. If you are in the Alta playoffs right now you are most likely a team with good pitching.

Delta is a very prestigious and proven league while Alta is a younger and more unstable league still having very stud teams. I will try to provide a league analysis going into teams and statistics to try and figure out which league is better. Also I will try not to be biased because I am in Alta but I also talked to people both in Delta and Alta.

I am going to start off my analysing the division in each league. I have decided I will always start with Delta. The Delta Premier has arguably one of the best divisions in Franchise Ball right now. I said before you can not compete with the greatest rivalry in history. Another thing you have in Delta are the classic teams. You have HTFD with the highest team value that has been around for a long time. Have you heard of the Smokies? I guarantee you probably have speaking for how long they have been in the game. The Reds have been around since the second seasons of FB. The first season was beta testing as well! You can not forget DBucs either who have a stud team and is also a classic. You also have BBBB going around for a long time leading a division though not having the same exponential stats as the other classic teams.

Where does Delta go wrong in divisions? They have problems with spreading the wealth. Though they have very strong divisions and classic teams they have not spread the wealth throughout the divisions as much as they could. Though the division leaders are all active I am specifically going to talk about the South West. I do not have anything against the division but the current leader is in his second season with stat boost grace and not having exponential stats. As a whole, Delta has a very strong league though it lacks just a bit in spreading the wealth through the divisions.

When it comes to Alta they do a better job of spreading the wealth through the divisions. Though all the teams are nowhere near as old as Delta they are still quality teams. One thing I would like to talk about after looking at the top teams there are a couple things in common. Pitching is a large thing they do have. Hipponax has consistent pitching every year as Shima has the Super Rotation. I currently have my pitching at around a 3.2 ERA though it was sub 3 for most of the season.

After first place the teams are not as bad in Alta. They are still quality and active teams who are still pushing through hoping to win the division one day. Where does Alta go wrong though? The offense. Do not get me wrong Alta has great offensive teams like Peace and more but I would say they are not close enough to Delta’s hitting. I am half to blame for that. Do not check my offensive stats. They are embarrassing and I do not want to talk about it LOL!

In this segment I am going to talk about individual teams. What are the teams that stand out in Delta and what are the teams that stand out in Alta because I think it is very clear that you guys have heard of a lot of these teams even if you are not that active.

For Delta I will just name off three teams and get into it. Bombers, Sins and Reds. I probably should have replaced those names with offense and you would have still gotten it. All anybody can say is JEEZ. Since last season at some points was averaging 400 in batting avg. Bombers have always been hitting Home Runs left and right with a very consistent offense to put forth every season. Reds are absolutely nuts every season especially continuing to play with such a tough divisional matchup every season. Their offense is insane! In fact they have been averaging 360+ this season for batting average. When you look at these teams all you see is offense.

You can obviously see what is coming, what did Delta have wrong. I will start out with pitching, though Bombers have put up great numbers of pitching statistics the Sins were not as much and I am not sure the Reds even tried much. The Reds have a 5 ERA while the Bombers have a good respectable 3.6 ERA. The Sins have not done much better compared to the Reds with a 4.6 ERA.

Alta names that most people have heard of are ObZen and Shimakaze. One thing Alta does have that Delta does not is more balance. When it comes to these teams you first think pitching on the dot. When you look closer into their analytics you also see hitting has been a large factor into play as well. Though it will bever be as good as the Reds and company it has been a lot more balanced. As a whole with top teams Alta does have more balanced teams.

Even though we can go on and on and debate more and more we should end the analysis on playoff success rate. I was interviewing Shimakaze and there was a comment saying that Alta has more upsets and Delta does not do as well in World Playoffs. I do think that is true for a standpoint. As some of you may know I am in Alta and I have seen many upsets and close games between teams where there looks like a clear better and worse.

Delta on the other hand gets good teams to represent themselves; they do not always go as far as people hoped in the World Playoffs. They sometimes have sought to disappoint. We have to remember that Delta did beat Alta in the World Series last season so that also plays a huge factor into this and Delta deserves quite a few points for that.

It all ends here. Before you guys comment saying I missed stud teams I am well aware of them and I wanted to name the largest teams out of all of them. Delta beat Alta in the WS and Alta has better divisions as a whole going even into second place. Alta does have more blanched teams when it comes to the top tier teams.

When it comes to my opinion I have got to say Delta stays champion. Though Alta has lived up to a lot of its hype they did lose the Bisons and they still have some new teams that could be gone in a couple months. They still have not proved yet that they will stay for many years to come. Delta has the prestige, they have the consistent teams and they are literally throwback vintage 24/7. They have done a lot more proving than Alta and they did win the WS matchup last year and I gotta admit, the Bombers are too good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this closer in analysis of which league is better. What are your opinions? Please feel free to chat about which league you think is the best. I have made my decision but what about you. Do you guys agree or do you oppose my arguments.

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Dodgers : 
Alpha is coming for that spot as the best league
2 years ago
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2 years ago
It's fine Bombers, jus' joking
2 years ago
Storm : 
Yeah, it is not mine :)
2 years ago
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Sorry. Thanks Blue Jay's:)
2 years ago
Your welcome Bombers. hahaha
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Thanks so much, lmao
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Great article Storm.
2 years ago
Franzes : 
2 years ago
Yeah. Thats why most of the top teams have no pitchers at all in their minors
2 years ago
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