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Opinion Piece - Should the All Star Vote be publicly voted for?
Nov 18th 2020 By Tacoma Nighthawks

I hate public voting for any type of vote involving sports. I get that sports corporations want people to get involved, but it doesn't work. The Jaguars today are tweeting for everyone to vote for Yannick Ngakoue so that their 5th round pick from the Vikings becomes a 4th. There should be some sort of committee.

This article will be divided into 2 parts. One is an opinion piece, others are the top picks for the awards.

I think that public voting in sports sucks. Bottom line. That is it. Because someone is going to do something stupid that could change the history of sports. I think that the Hall of Fame committee has a unanimous vote for all-star. It would take out public involvement. That way, people will not be biased. Because we all know Cowboys fans who think Dak is the next Joe Montana. I know some FB teams who try to promote their not that good player and let us just say it is annoying.

Also, I think there should be an all-star day on the 21st before the playoffs start. It is a single-elimination 1-day tournament that takes the best players from all the leagues to compete against one other. Just an idea.

Favorites to Win

Samir Hawes MVP Award - Claudio Ruvalcuba, Deadly sins

This guy is a beast. Maybe a real one. Because he is legit insane. The 31-year-old is in his prime with an amazing season. He has a .424 average with 27 homers and 81 RBI's. He has gotten a hit in all but two games. He was picked up this offseason after being released by the Ohawks during their retirement player sprawl. He has transformed into the player he deserves to be.

Juan Ison Pitcher of the Year Award - Natalio Nazario, Giants

FB is stupid to put him as 2nd in his league when he should be number 1 in the world. His 10-0 record with a 2.011 ERA and an 0.713 WHIP puts me in awe. Legit awe. This is his second season in the league, and he could be a Hall of Famer if these stats keep up.

Luke Chacon Reliever of the Year Award - Louis Berlin, Cambridge Longballs

I compare him to the all-time great Mariano Rivera because he practically is. His 1-1 record may not be impressive, but his 18 saves along with his 1.742 ERA is crazy. Definitely reliever of the year.

Alfredo Cardenas Rookie of the Year Award - Lance Beeler, Columbus Average Joes

With 0 career at-bats before this year, he has really exposed himself to the outside world. The RF has a .410 average through 227 at-bats and has hit 24 homers and 58 RBI's. Compare him to the 2019 Pete Alonso combined with the 2019 Jeff McNeil. Even though I am a Mets fan in real life, anyone would say these players had astonishing rookie years.

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-Columbus Storm :)

News Conversation
Cy Young Candidate: Kaiden Barrow - 8-1 with a sub 2.80 ERA
6 months ago
Moyer is definitely a threat to Nazario. Maybe even better.
6 months ago
Cant count out Moyer for river rats either. 9-1 with a 1.65 era and .701 whip
6 months ago
I agree with you about Nazario being #1 in the world btw.
6 months ago
That's for sure!
6 months ago
I had to put Berlin as reliever of the year
6 months ago
Yep :)
6 months ago
Nazario maybe should be #1 in Epsilon, but my guy Capps certainly isn't as far behind as you make it seem.
6 months ago
So I might be able to help with allstar pitching
6 months ago
and Mets it cannot because it needs over 150 at bats.
6 months ago
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