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Hall of Fame Results Are In!
Nov 18th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Well, it barely took a day before the proactive HOF Committee had finished voting. There were 31 options, but the guys made it happen. Overall, 9 guys made it in, 5 received less than 10% of the vote and will not make any future ballots, and the remaining 17 received enough votes to make it onto next year’s catch-up ballot, which consists primarily of Anchorage Polarbears players. This one was mostly Warriors. We will only talk about the ones who made it, everybody else is not worth mentioning. IN THE HOF David Ladner, SS- Ladner played for 3 teams in his 22 seasons and was nothing short of awesome, hitting .319 with 1,790 hits, 306 doubles, 102 triples, 436 homers, 1,091 RBIs, 614 stolen bases, and a .644 SLG. He was like a scam: too good to be true… but he was legit. No. of votes: 10 (90.9%) John Boatwright, LF- Boatwright lasted 24 seasons, beginning in Season 35 with a .297 campaign and ending in 58 with a .283 season. In between, he was a monster, hitting .312 with 1723 hits, 234 doubles, a crazy 450 homers, and 1,018 RBIs. He also had a .613 SLG while playing for 4 teams. No. of votes: 10 (90.9%) Montay Enriquez, CF: Tolling from Season 33 to 55, Enriquez played for 10 separate teams, and all of them died. He persevered, hitting .318 and collecting 1454 hits while smacking 353 home runs, knocking in 834 RBIs, swiping 687 bases, and jacking his way to a .612 SLG. Enriquez, who is now 77, was thrilled to be inducted. No. of votes: 9 (81.8%) Kendrick Buford, SP: From Season 52-69, Buford was a burning ember, and was so hot that he was the only player selected unanimously. With 4 teams, he was an insane 121-40 with an insane 3.18 ERA. 1214 strikeouts to 125 walks in 1455 innings was also impressive, but the real killer was his tantalizingly low 0.893 WHIP. No. of Votes: 11 (100%) Cortez Lambert SP- Lambert, a more recent pitcher, hurled from Season 70-86, and was 111-40 with a respectable 3.64 ERA. He even got a chance at relieving, and finished with 17 saves, including 12 in a season with the Reds. He struck out 1,227 and walked just 105 in 1,333 innings. The 41-year old recorded a stellar 0.954 WHIP before calling it quits. No. of votes: 8 (72.7%) Aaron Graham, SP: From Season 73-74, Graham was unemployed. However, in Season 75, the Destroyers found him, setting off a 16-year career in which Aaron was 125-30 with a 3.49 ERA and 1 save. Always in high demand, he pitched 1,402 innings, striking out 1309 and walking 146 for 4 teams, impressing with his 0.952 WHIP. No. of votes: 10 (90.9%). Ahmaud Giroux, SP- A starter for all but his final 2 years, when he recorded all of his 17 saves, Giroux pitched for 6 teams from 61-79. He was 120-58 with a nice 3.53 ERA and awesome 0.991 WHIP. 1,303 strikeouts to 103 walks didn’t hurt him, and hurling 1,633 innings certified his longevity. No. of votes: 8 (72.7%) Dale Partin, C: Playing for 7 teams from Season 72-90, Partin was a true all-around player, hitting for average, power, and running. Hitting .325 with 1,287 hits (average), he whalloped 207 doubles and 308 homers and 796 RBIs, and swiped 407 bases on his way to a .641 SLG and, ultimately, a spot in the Hall of Fame. Though retiring last season, he certainly deserved a quick ticket. No. of votes: 10 (90.9%) Santos Hook, SP: Pitching from Season 59-76, Hook just barely made it in, though it’s hard to see why, since, pitching for 5 teams in 18 seasons, he was 123-49 with 1 save and a 3.48 ERA in 1,621 innings pitched. He struck out a cool 1563 and walked 183, which helped him finish with a 0.978 WHIP. His highlight year was 68, when he was 12-0 with a 2.21 ERA and a 0.821 WHIP. No. of votes: 8 (72.7%) VOTING RESULTS Gonzalo Mintz: 4 David Ladner: 10 John Boatwright: 10 Montrell Cardenas: 7 Montay Enriquez: 9 Neil Callaghan: 1 Malaki Crain: 1 Alan Chambers: 5 Malaki Sheffield: 4 Anbessa Corales: 5 Kendrick Buford: 11 Joey Plunkett: 0 Tariq Provost: 6 Larry Bethea: 7 Santos Hook: 8 Dale Partin 10: Grady Cameron: 7 James Holmes: 4 Demarcus Crump: 5 Ahmaud Giroux: 8 Sebastian Ornelas: 4 Tony Gass: 7 Finn Cates: 3 Toro Olvera: 2 Cortez Lambert: 8 Jerold Robles: 1 Aaron Graham: 10 Nathen Picard: 3 Nikolas Beckett: 6 Rodney Conner: 6 Jack Corbett: 1 Congratulations to these 9 players for making it! Their links are in the forum! Also, thank you to the entire Hall of Fame Committee for voting and voting well! Remember to submit your All Stars and rookies! It’s not too late!