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Mostly Through Power Rankings - by Venom (measured before 2 PM games on 11/17)
Nov 17th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

I’m Not Gonna read the comments, so don’t just scream in there because you didn't make the list and I know, this isn’t the best Power Rankings.
St Johns Peace Sharks (42-7)
San Diego Bombers (44-5)
St Johns Codfish (39-10)
San Diego Giants (44-5)
Cincinnati Reds (37-12)
Honolulu Shimakaze (44-5)
Columbus Average Joes (41-8)
St Johns Deadly sins (37-12)
Oakland ObZen (39-10)
Shreveport Captains (41-8)
Washington DBucs (36-13)
Anchorage polarbears (40-9)
Mount Vernon Boxers (39-10)
Stamford Demo Yankees (40-9)
Fort Worth Horned Frogs (35-14)
Atlanta Caneros (36-13)
Spokane Warriors (40-9)
Lexington RED ONIONS (34-15)
Boston Red Sox 1 (40-9)
Columbus Storm (37-12)
Providence Pineapples (36-13)
Ontario Lightning (38-10)
Peoria Destroyers (36-13)
Erie Spartans (38-11)
Winnipeg Frost (38-11)

News Conversation
My top 50 is now posted in discord
1 year ago
Bombers : 
Just off the list Sparky.
1 year ago
No Jersey City Sparky?
1 year ago
Making my own rankings in discord later, when the day ends
1 year ago
Giants : 
1 year ago
Well, yes. I got a little lost in the sauce, so to speak
1 year ago
Giants : 
Yeah, it's not a good power rankings but you took it to far
1 year ago
Stuff like that was what I was originally trying to stress before I got carried away...
1 year ago
Giants : 
How are Codfish and Peace Sharks ahead of me and Shima???
1 year ago
Bombers : 
I am #2. Not bad :)
1 year ago
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