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Hall of Fame (Some More Info)
Nov 17th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

All of you people, the Previously Retired Hall of Fame Ballot for Season 91 has been sent. This is for people who retired in Season 90 and earlier. There will be another in the offseason for players who have retired in Season 91. Now, when looking for players, there are some numbers to look for. Not all but most should be fufliflled.

.300+ AVG
1,000+ H
250+ HR
300+ SB
+700+ RBI
.550+ SLG

100+ W
Winning Record
Sub-4.00 ERA
100+ SV
1000+ IP (for starters, 500 for relievers)
1000+ K (for SP, 500+ for releivers)
<150 BB
Sub 1.100 WHIP

Remember All Stars and Rookies are due very soon!