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Reacting to My Beginning of Season Predictions - Season 91 Part 1

Nov 15th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

I will do a reacting to my predictions article halfway through the month and at the end of the month.

ORIGINAL QUESTION - Q: Who will surprise everyone next season?
A: This will sound silly, but I am putting my faith in Orange Juice. They beat the Firebirds this offseason and will go very far under a new owner.

REACTION - I was right. They are at a respectable 25-18, which is almost 3 times as many wins as they have had in the last 2 seasons combined. This is an accurate prediction so far.

A: Syracuse Mets. They went 6-54 last year and that will carry on throughout the next few seasons. See them at 7-53.

REACTION - I was semi-right. They are the worst team and will remain that way. However, I now see them winning 6 games again.

A: Bombers. They have an excellent squad. See them at 54-6.

REACTION - I am wrong, but not by that much. The Shimakaze is the best team but by only one game. Do not see them losing as little as 6 games. They will probably go 52-8.

ORIGINAL QUESTION - Q: What team will fall off from last season?
A: Doubledays. I have seen them making questionable offseason moves by getting rid of their old starters. They will either miss the playoffs completely or rise to the top fast.

REACTION - I was sort of right. I compare them to the New York Mets (in real life), because they start out hot and look good, then completely suck ass. I respect them as a team though. They are on a hot streak though and may make the playoffs, but will not rise to the top. Speaking of the New York Mets (the FB team), they have really fallen off from last year.

A: Alta Canyon South. With 3 40+ win teams last season in this division (Mets, Nationals, and Shimakaze), this will be a huge race to the finish.

REACTION - I was 100% wrong. This is a runaway for the Shimakaze. The Nationals are ok and the Mets are not that good (I still respect them though).

ORIGINAL QUESTION - Lastly, who will finish at the top?

I predict the winner of the Season 91 Cup to be the… San Jose Panthers. An excellent team last year that turned themselves around completely from the year before. I think that they will go all the way this year because they are an excellent team. Expect them to be an all-time great.

REACTION - I think I will be wrong. They are a great team this year but I do not see them winning. I see the Peace Sharks winning, as they have been consistent all year (even though they do not have the best record).

Agree with my reactions? Comment down below.

I needed something to post so I came up with this. Sorry I have not been posting articles lately as I have been celebrating Diwali (Indian holiday). It is a 5 day holiday, so I may not be active as much but will still be active.

-Columbus Storm :)

News Conversation
Dodgers : 
I just beat San Jose Panthers today 11-5
2 years ago
Storm : 
Thanks :)
2 years ago
Marvols : 
Nice job, Storm.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Mets : 
yeah, i think it's because i put in pitching conditios, because I do stuff with my family, and on the weekdays I am constantly on my devise, becaue i have school, so i can keep track much more easily
2 years ago
I suck on the weekends too
2 years ago
Storm : 
Ok :)
2 years ago
Mets : 
Yeah, i can't post on the weekends, but I do highlights a 2 on monday, wednesday, friday and another article about a team each week
2 years ago
Mets : 
i think i'm doing bad because of the weekedns. My record on the weekends is 0-13 and the weekdays are 15-15 so this week hopefully if I go 13-2 in the week i will make the playoffs
2 years ago
Storm : 
Thanks Bombers
2 years ago
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