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Hall of Fame Is Back!

Nov 14th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Hello, this is the Alexandria Country Yankees with some news. I have decided to bring back the Franchise Ball Hall of Fame (the old one is in the forum). This one has a Hall of Fame Committee that will consist of 11 members. They will vote over the off-season on people nominated to the HOF. We have filled all of the spots.

San Diego Bombers
Honolulu Shimakaze
St. John’s Deadly Sins
Washington DBucs
Edmonton Robins
Portland Cobras
Columbus Average Joes
San Diego Giants
Cambridge Longballs
Seattle Cyclones

A team who wants to be on the committee must have considerable experience and/or success in FB. Apply by 9 A.M. tomorrow and I will decide who gets the job. I would also like people who search old rosters to find really good players. NOTE: 33 players have already been inducted. Check that before you submit. For this position, we can take in anybody who wants to join.

Alexandria Country Yankees
Busan Hugo Eagles
New York Mets
Baltimore Orioles
St. John’s Codfish

News Conversation
Mets : 
thanks for letting me search, but how do i search?
2 years ago
Cobras : 
Searchers should be called the veterans commitee
2 years ago
Cobras : 
can we make an official HOF doc
2 years ago
ObZen : 
Check out the HoF section in discord
2 years ago
Mets : 
I would liek to apply
2 years ago
2 years ago
Cobras : 
I have tons of players
2 years ago
2 years ago
I could try for a few teams but not a lot of them
2 years ago
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