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How Other Teams Joined FB - by Mets
Nov 13th 2020 By Tacoma Nighthawks

I don’t know how you came across FB, but I was just searching the web for baseball games and I just happened to come across it. Having said that, I thought it would be nice to hear some of the other team’s stories about how they came across FB and created their own teams, and to this day, are into the game. In this article, you will hear stories from five teams in FB. The teams you will be hearing from are the Colombus Storm, the San Diego Bombers, the Alexandria County Yankees, the San Diego Giants, and the Seattle Admins. I hope you enjoy it….

The San Diego Bombers were established in season 46 and since then have won 20 division titles, 7 league titles, and 2 world titles. They are winning their division and looking for their second consecutive championship. You can clearly tell that they are a very accomplished team and this is their story….
“I just found the game online. I like simulation games and FB is the best in my opinion.  It is a great game because it is challenging to stay great.  Lazy players will never be great. Constantly making changes is the only way to keep your team winning. I am a premium subscriber. I like all the benefits including investments,  unlimited trades, unlimited grants,  and the game manager. I won a WS as a free team but it is a lot more challenging. Everyone should consider membership if they really enjoy the game. It is worth it.”

The Columbus Storm franchise was established in season 89. They are one of the main writers on the FB website and this is their 2nd full season. They are not a subscriber because they are too young. They have never made the playoffs, but they are atop their division now and looking to qualify this season. (This statement is an edit by the Storm. I actually made the wild card last year but got shut out by the Buffalo Sabres 11-0 in the first round. Anyway, back to the article.)

This is how they came across FB…. “I found this game during a rough time in my life. My parents have put a lot of pressure on me lately to do stuff and have been managing my life. I needed something to do. After searching for a few sites, I found FB. Let's just say that this is probably the best game I have played in my life. Yes, better than Madden and Among Us, and I love those games too. It not only is fun to play, but it is fun to interact with other people. This game fosters a sense of community, which I really like. That is how I joined FB and why I love it.”

The Alexandria County Yankees franchise was established in season 88. They are also one of the main writers on the website and this is their third full season. They are not a subscriber because they are also not an adult yet, but doing well anyway. They are on top of their division right now and looking for their second division title. They won their first division title and league title last year in their 2nd full season, so they are a pretty accomplished franchise so far. This is their story….
“I found Franchise Ball through a web search for “baseball simulation games online free”. When I saw the site and that it was free, I said, “Why the heck not? I got nothing to lose, and if I don’t like it, I’ll just walk away”. Well, I obviously liked it.”

The San Diego Giants were established in season 71. Since then they have won 10 division titles, 6 league titles, and 2 world titles. Like the Bombers, they are a multi-championship team from San Diego. They are subscribed and they are winning their division now by 14 games and looking for their 2 championships in 3 years. This is how they came across FB….
“Before I found FB I would constantly look for a fun baseball game to play. Every game I tried turned boring in a day or two. There was this one offline game called "Astonishing baseball" that I played for about a year. Then I finally found FB. Once I found out about FB, I was hooked. The game has a great community, and it's entertaining to play. I subscribed to the game once I realized that there wasn't a way to be a successful franchise without a membership. Even if a non-subscriber team pulls a good team together, they will soon get obliterated by bids. Also, I don't mind paying for this great game. Josh deserves the money.”

Finally the last team I interviewed in this article, The Admins. The admins are the creator of franchise ball owned by Josh. They were established in season one and since then they have won 8 divisions, but never won the league or championship, which is very ironic. This is why they created FB….
“Why I started it? It’s a long story.  The game started as a side project of my own, to see if I could write a basic simulator essentially, to sim baseball games.  After I wrote the sim, and played around with it for a while, after a couple of months I started writing some interfaces for it.  It sort of just built on itself.  As I came up with new ideas, I kept adding things to it.  I would say after a year or so I decided to write the interfaces it would need to be playable online.. and the rest is history really.  It was just a fun project that I kept adding more features to.. and still kind of what it is today!  Beyond that though, when I was 10 years old I actually wrote a baseball simulator in excel with my Dad, and so this is sort of something I had been interested in since I was really young,  I just didn’t have a means of creating it until I was older.  My dad and I created a spreadsheet to simulate games for a pretend league my brother and I created.  Anyway.  Yeah, so this has been my passion for a long time, and I am very happy to have this game as a business now!  It’s been a great blessing for me.”

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Feel free to comment below on how your team got started so others can see.

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Shout out to all the teams I talked about in that long unofficial article
6 months ago
6 months ago
New Orleans hot rod, Chicago atom smashers most people might be these teams but they are teams that are OG's
6 months ago
Calgary firebirds
6 months ago
San Diego Giants
6 months ago
San Jose Panthers , Houston Nightcrawlers (aka) travis Scott lol , Honolulu island winds , PR i love your offseasons challenges also
6 months ago
Hartford Yard Goats almost forgot them they died and I tried to live them through my team
6 months ago
So many others I can't name all them so many left and I wish they come back in the future
6 months ago
Game changers aka Admirals and Admins Josh was so nice to me and they are great people so many other great teams like Venom , shrimp , surge , Warriors (aka 5 titles) , Peoria , Robin's, Hartford Yankees, Alexandria Yankees, Toronto Jay's, Hartfo
6 months ago
Was looking for a baseball game and Chicago winners was the first team to talk to me and became a mentor to me helped me rly get into fb wish he'd come back Boston monarchs and Golden knights and Bombers and Bisons and lions and Game changers
6 months ago
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