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Midseason Power Rankings - by Robins
Nov 11th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

St. Johns Peace Sharks (29-2)
Honolulu Shimakaze (29-2)
San Diego Giants (28-3)
San Diego Bombers (27-4)
Shreveport Captains (27-4)
Columbus Average Joes (26-5)
Mount Vernon Boxers (26-5)
Spokane Warriors (26-5)
Jersey City SPARKY (26-5)
Washington DBucs (25-6)
St. Johns Codfish (25-6)
Oakland Obzen (25-6)
Stamford Demo Yankees (25-6)
Anchorage polarbears (25-6)
Paterson Pineapples (25-6)
Windsor Wind Surge (25-6)
Minneapolis Ducks (25-6)
Ontario Lightning (25-6)
Atlanta Caneros (24-7)
Columbus Storm (24-7)
San Jose Panthers (24-7)
Winnipeg Frost (24-7)
Yonkers River Rats (24-7)
St. Johns Deadly Sins (23-8)
New Orleans Hot Rods (23-8)

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I just missed it
8 months ago
Maybe ill be a christmas ghost lol
8 months ago
Lmafo your right
8 months ago
Halloween is over lol
8 months ago
Plus I like being a ghost
8 months ago
Im just staying on to see stats update
8 months ago
I know I logged in on my phone and logged out but stayed logged in on my computer
8 months ago
If you log out and log in again they will say you are online
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Im not online Im a ghost
8 months ago
Hello yall online teams. Whats happening?
8 months ago
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