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Midseason Power Rankings - by Robins
Nov 11th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

St. Johns Peace Sharks (29-2)
Honolulu Shimakaze (29-2)
San Diego Giants (28-3)
San Diego Bombers (27-4)
Shreveport Captains (27-4)
Columbus Average Joes (26-5)
Mount Vernon Boxers (26-5)
Spokane Warriors (26-5)
Jersey City SPARKY (26-5)
Washington DBucs (25-6)
St. Johns Codfish (25-6)
Oakland Obzen (25-6)
Stamford Demo Yankees (25-6)
Anchorage polarbears (25-6)
Paterson Pineapples (25-6)
Windsor Wind Surge (25-6)
Minneapolis Ducks (25-6)
Ontario Lightning (25-6)
Atlanta Caneros (24-7)
Columbus Storm (24-7)
San Jose Panthers (24-7)
Winnipeg Frost (24-7)
Yonkers River Rats (24-7)
St. Johns Deadly Sins (23-8)
New Orleans Hot Rods (23-8)

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I just missed it
11 months ago
Maybe ill be a christmas ghost lol
11 months ago
Lmafo your right
11 months ago
Halloween is over lol
11 months ago
Plus I like being a ghost
11 months ago
Im just staying on to see stats update
11 months ago
I know I logged in on my phone and logged out but stayed logged in on my computer
11 months ago
If you log out and log in again they will say you are online
11 months ago
Im not online Im a ghost
11 months ago
Hello yall online teams. Whats happening?
11 months ago
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