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The (Actual) First Franchise Ball Season All Stars

Nov 10th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Hello, this is the Alexandria Country Yankees. I am going to organize a Franchise Ball All Star team, and kudos to Firebirds for coming up with the idea last season. There will be all 8 position players, a designated hitter (most votes of non winners) and 5 bench players (next most votes of non winners). There will be 5 starters and 4 relievers. There are going to be some AB and IP minimums for this year’s edition. Here they are. As long as your player has met these requirements by the end of the WS, it’s all good. Voting will begin November 27 and end December 1.

For Hitters
Min. 150 ABs

For Starting Pitchers
Min. 70 IP

Fro Relief Pitchers
Min. 35 IP

That’s it! If your 1B is 0-150, he is eligible. I will create a topic on the forum for you to submit your players once they become eligible, or you can just message me.

News Conversation
2 years ago SP 2.53 era in 32 innings has struck out 30 batters
2 years ago
and my RF has also stolen 21 bases
2 years ago
Closer 2 runs and 6 hits given up in 15 innings
2 years ago RP no runs and 1hit given up in 10 innings in relief
2 years ago
SS no doubt he is having an amazing season 16 homers 38 rbis
2 years ago
RF 381 batting average 11 homers he is insane
2 years ago
Vega is the GOAT
2 years ago
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