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Season 91 So Far - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Nov 10th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

To celebrate the halfway point of Season 91, I have decided to make a part 2 of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” series. Part 1 was the Trade Deadline article done by the Yankees. Let’s get right into this.


The Good - Peace Sharks and Shimakaze (25-2)

I know that there are a lot of people who are near the top (including me) but these two deserve a “good spot”. At 25-2, these teams have shown us that they are true contenders, except for the part that they are in the same conference. That could mean that one of those two teams won’t even win a league title, which is weird if you think about it.

The Bad - Allentown Doubledays (11-16)

A good team with a below average record. Sure, I think they are a disappointment, but I do not hate them. I really appreciate them as a team. However, they are the biggest flop. A team that can be compared to the New York Mets, meaning they start good for like 6 games and show that they can be a contender, and then flop. Continuous 1-3 streaks. I could write a whole article about how they acquire a promising team only to see how bad they choke.

The Ugly - Syracuse Mets (2-25)

Yes, they logged out a few weeks ago, so I cannot truly hate on them. But I will try to. Because they truly suck. They started out 0-15, and they are losing to bad teams. It baffles me how they won 4 division titles, but whatever. They need to make moves or they will be a laughing stock for years to come.


This will not be a good, a bad, and an ugly, but more like a time to give respect to a team. That team? The Orange Juice. If I asked anyone last year if they would ever have a winning record, they would have laughed. I would have too. But they have proved everyone wrong, and have nearly double the wins that they have had in their last 2 seasons combined. Yes, that is how much they have improved. They are not the best team out there, but I have respect for them and see them as a playoff team.


The Good - Alta Canyon

This is an understatement. This conference is the best one in all of FB. Why? They have the best powerhouses. The top 2 teams in FB are the top 2 seeds in this conference. And me (Columbus Storm), who is the 4th seed at a 22-5 record, is as good as some 1st seeds.

The Bad - Ocean Star

The leaders in every division are not the best. But the others are keeping up to that. I would put this league as bad if the other 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams were bad. But they are not. Only 4 teams are over 10 games back, so this isn’t that bad.

The Ugly - Beta Compass

I am not shaming the Warriors, the Demo Yankees, and SPARKY, because they are good teams, but almost everyone else is not that good. A lot of average teams at best. This has to be the worst league.


The best batter and best pitcher in FB will be talked about. According to FB, the best batter is Claudio Ruvalcaba, who is a RF on the Deadly sins. The former Ohawk was won by a bid and called up immediately. For a 31-year-old with 96/98/79/58 stats, he plays to the best, even for being paid under $1,000,000 GC. With a .457 average in 127 at-bats, 18 HRs, and 47 RBI’s so far, he is performing to the max.

The best pitcher according to FB is Trevor Carper. He doesn’t have the best stats but still plays well. He is 5-1 with a 1.698 ERA through 53 innings. He has 9.5 K/9 and 0.5 BB/9, which is outstanding. Nothing much more to say about him.

Anything you would change? Tell me in the comments below :)


News Conversation
I am in beta compass. 21-8 tied for 1sr
2 years ago
Robins : 
Great article!
2 years ago
just checked
2 years ago
nope. not even top 50
2 years ago
i was top 30 or 40 last season
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
I've 15, 7, 15 in the WR the last three straight seasons. The Polarbears have ranked top 30 in their last 5 straight seasons.
2 years ago
that'd be nice. i'd place in top 50 each year.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
Thst would be pretty cool to see Dbuc, a RPI.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
Polarbears. That top 30... Me and you are consistently in the top 30 or very close to it.
2 years ago
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