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How do you make a quality team? - by Robins

Nov 10th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

How do you make a quality team? It is a question that will probably get a lot of different answers. One team might say from free agency. One team might say from bidding and one might say from trades. Building a quality team is essential to winning in Franchise Ball and let’s ask the elite team what they think makes a quality team.

Question 1: Where did you go when you first started? Trades? Bids? Free agency?

San Diego Bombers: “I went to free agency when I first started.”

Portland Venom: “I started in my league's free agency pool. You will occasionally find gems there.”

Honolulu Shimakaze: “For the longest time, I had very little assets to trade away and had no money, so I would always try to look in the farm. Nowadays, while I have enough resources to do bids and trades, I still find myself scouting because it’s the cheapest way to strike gold if you know what you’re doing.”

Hartford HTFD_YANKES: “I started with FA and some Bids.”

Seattle Marvols: “I was among the first to form a team. I built traditionally, that doesn't necessarily work in FB. I mostly got free agents and a few draft players.”

Question 2: What advice would you give to an up and coming team on how to make a quality team?

San Diego Bombers:  “The key to building a great team is to constantly improve your team. Don’t play the same players for 10 seasons and try to replace everyone at the same time.”

Portland Venom: “Some advice I would give to an up and coming team is to be very wary about trades coming in when you are new. Ask a more experienced team if it is a good trade or not. Also a tip is go to News Feed, Click on the release checkbox, and click on league. That’s how I found a lot of players where I was a new team.

Honolulu Shimakaze: “Up and coming teams need to be patient. I am an extreme example: I started in Season 28 and waited until Season 65 before I actually started making some real noise. If anyone feels like it’s taking forever to make a quality team, I know a thing or two about it. You have to be patient and stick to your plan. Also, if you’re new at trading, at first, you likely won’t have any pieces the top tier teams may have. Start small with trades and slowly gain more talented players through the farm.”

Hartford HFTD_YANKEES: “Below is what I have recommended to many team I have helped:

Find pitchers that have a FTV of 13 or higher. Also look for their stats to be higher than 80/80/80.
Find hitters (position players) that have a FTV of 11 and higher. Stats should be 75/90/80/75 or higher. I look for batting averages over .280 and slugging percentages over .450.
Build your team by checking the players in the Free Agency section of your league. You can sometimes find good players in there, especially the day after bidding ends.
Make trades with other teams. Check the trade availability section and check with other teams, especially their minor league players and pitchers.
Make bids on players you would like to try to have on your team. Try to avoid bidding against teams with more funds than you.

Finally, read the Help Section on this website and take it all from what I mentioned to you above. This has worked for me for many seasons. Some seasons are better than others but it takes time to develop a team. Research, research and more research on the pitchers and hitters.”

Seattle Marvols: “Trying to build a quality team: Get your best players on a contract. That increases their value if you want to trade. Focus on position players. Everybody wants pitching, but in this game you can often outscore your opponent.”

Question 3: What makes a quality team?

San Diego Bombers: “There are different ways to build a team. I like contact and power. Pitching is also important. A good bullpen is very important in the playoffs.”

Portland Venom: “A quality team  is a team that’s owner works hard to find players and just has a good work ethic.”

Honolulu Shimakaze: “A quality team requires patience, good scouting, and, most importantly, attitude. You need to have good attitude. Don’t be a new team like Indianapolis Wolfpack, who’s rotten behavior may have bought him a good team but within a year got themselves banned because of poor behavior.”

Seattle Marvols: “A quality team is one who competes for a division championship every year. I have enough FB money to outbid just about anybody. But that isn’t fun. The fun is competition in the division, and we have a great one.”

Thank you to the San Diego Bombers, Portland Venom, Honolulu Shimakaze, Hartford HFTD_YANKEES and the Seattle Marvols for making this article possible!

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