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The Best New Teams
Nov 7th 2020 By Edmonton Robins

The Los Angeles Mandalorians and the Buffalo Heatwave. Not household names like Honolulu Shimakaze or Spokane Warriors, but these teams are in their first full season. These teams are no doubt up and coming, but these might be household names in the near future. Let’s start with the Mandalorians.

Los Angeles Mandalorians: This is the Mandalorians first season and they started off strong. They are 13-4 and ranked 30th in the world. They have a .765 winning percentage and have a three game lead in the Epsilon Peak West. They are first in ERA in Epsilon with a 3.092 ERA. With their ace, Korbin Edge, having a 1.76 ERA. They are top 10 in all the main categories. The Mandalorians have a bright feature and they could be a very big threat soon.

Buffalo Heatwave: This is the Heatwave’s second season, first full one. They are 11-8 and are ranked 107th in the world. They have a .579 winning percentage and two games back of first place in Delta Premier North. They are 6th in the league in runs with 144. They have a great offence backed up by SS Salvatore Olivares who has a .375 batting average. This team has a very bright future.

Now, if these teams faced each other in a game, who would win? It would be a very close matchup with the Mandalorians pitching and the Heatwaves’ offense. But if Korbin Edge pitched, based on stats, the Mandalorians would win. The Mandalorians also have a great offense too. So if they played, the Mandalorians would win 6-1. This is based off of pure stats and no offense to the Heatwave. If these teams actually played, it would probably be totally off. These teams both have very bright futures and could be big threats to come.