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Urgent Article - TWO 35+ RUN GAMES AT 2 PM ON 11/7

Nov 7th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

Biden winning the election wasn't even the craziest thing that happened today. And saying that was crazy.

Two games that deserve their own articles, each with a 30 run differential. I will go first and save the best for last.

I won my game 37-7. A 12, and 11, two 4, and four 2 run innings. Every one of my players came up to bat 8 times with the exception of 2, and 2 players had 8 RBI's. But this was not even the best game at 2 PM.

The Boston Hawks put up 40 RUNS in a 40-10 win against the Honolulu rbi's. The Hawks put up 35 runs in the last 4 innings (10,9,7, and 9 in that order). Each player, with the exception of a pitcher who got subbed out early, got at least an RBI.

These were crazy games, and if people can keep hitting like this, then good things will happen. Sorry that this article is not as good as I want it to be, but I needed to write something about this ASAP.

Boston Hawks 40-10 win -
Columbus Storm 37-7 win -

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