Franchise Ball News
Day 5 Highlights
Nov 6th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

9 A.M.

Edmonton Robins (11-2) 7, Clydesah (11-2) 5: Some quick scoring action put the home team up 5-3 in the 5th, and, as most of my epic games do, pitching took over. Fast forward many outs later to the top of the 9th, when the Robins, with 2 outs left, smashed a 2-run homer to tie the game at 3-3. A single and a double came before and after a strikeout, leaving Kieran Shields runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs. On the 2-2 pitch, Shields smashed a double down the 1st base line that put the Robins up 5-3 and gave Edmonton their 11th win of the season. Roberto Soto went 3-4 with 2 doubles, a homer, and 1 RBI to lead the Robins.

Buffalo Heatwave (8-5) 7, Kobe BlackMambaBryants (7-6) 5: Was this the Tycoons/Charge? Maybe, but an interesting game nonetheless. Buffalo struck with 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st, but Kobe got 2 in the 3rd. Heatwave got another 2 in the 4th, but were once again answered with 2 in the 5th by Kobe. Both teams scored a run in the 6th, but Heatwave had the last laugh with a 7th inning run for the final score. Jimmy Leslie was the superstar with a 3-4 showing with a double, a homer, and an RBI.

Houston Nightcrawlers (9-4) 14, Boston Hawks (8-5) 13: Looks can be deceiving. While it appears that Houston won off a failed PAT by Boston, it was just a high-scoring baseball game. The Nightcrawlers ran up a 10-1 lead before Boston narrowed it to 10-7, only to allow 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th. Runs were traded in the 7th before a 5-run 9th inning rally by the Hawks fell just short. Ethen Redd on the Hawks hit for the cycle, going 4-5 with 3 RBIs, but so did Houston’s Porter Fine, who was 4-5 with 5 RBIs.

Salt Lake BYU Cougars (8-5) 6, Seattle Cyclones (11-2) 5, 11 Innings: The Cyclones started true to form, leading 5-2 in the middle of the 9th, but 2 Cougars homers forced extras. Both teams had chances to capitalize, but nothing happened until Cipriano Navarro hit a walk off sac fly. Frederick Shell led the Cougars, going 4-6 with a double.

2 P.M.

Alexandria Yankees (9-5) 6, Columbus Average Joes (13-1) 4: Alexandria knocked off the previously undefeated Joes, which left the Fort Worth Horned Frogs as the only undefeated team in FB. The Joes started off the scoring in the bottom of the 1st, courtesy of a John Price single, but another single by Francisco Yarborough tied the game up in the top of the 2nd. The Yankees took a 2-1 lead with a single by William Lovelace in the 4th, but the Joes came right back in the bottom of the inning with a HR by Grady Beeler. Then, in the 5th, Raymundo Goodard lay down a perfect sac bunt for the lead, and Yarborough hit a 2-run double to make the score 5-2. A double in the 6th by Jude Estep wrapped up the scoring action, and while Columbus managed solo homers by Frederico Tames and Gerardo Garay, it was not enough. Estep led the way with a 3-4 showing with a run, a walk, a double, a triple, and an RBI.

Anchorage Polarbears (12-2) 1, Aiden (2-11) 0, 11 Innings: The Polarbears used 3 pitchers to combine for a 1 hitter with 1 walk, with Tauro Coronado starting and hurling 7 innings, followed by 1 perfect inning by Clifford Callaway and 3 more by Bryan McDonough. Meanwhile, Marquese Thomson went the distance for Aiden, allowing 7 hits and 1 walk while striking out 13. However, a homer by Aldo Cole proved to be the winner.

Cincinnati Reds (13-1) 9, Ontario Lightning (12-2) 7: This was a heavily hyped matchup, with the two 12-1 teams facing off. The Lightning STRUCK first (haha), with a run in the top of the 1st, but Cincy responded with a grand slam in the bottom half. Ontario made up for it with a solo homer and 2 RBI singles in the 4th to tie at 4, but Cincy fired back with a 2-run homer to go up 6-4. 2 intense innings passed until a 2-run shot by Anton Hollbrook to tie the game at 6 in the 6th, and in the 8th, Hollbrook homered again for a 7-6 lead. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, Dwight Amato tied the game yet again with an RBI single, but after 2 quick strikeouts, it looked like the game would go into extras. However, Darrin Maguire didn’t like the sound of that, and lifted a fly ball just out of reach of CF Mario Harp and LF Robert Boyce for the walk off 2 run double. Hollbrook led the Lightning at 4-5 with 2 HR and 4 RBIs while Lamont Wick provided crucial hits for the Reds, finishing 3-5 with 2 doubles.

Santa Clarita Currents (9-5) 23, lolzikar (6-8) 7: The Currents dominated, hitting 10 HRs, putting 34 men on base, including 29 hits, and scoring 23 runs. The game was over after an 8-run 3rd, but the Currents kept coming, scoring 2 in the 4th, 3 in the 5th, 2 in the 7th, and 8 in the 8th. Everybody got a hit, and though leadoff hitter Ethen Newell was 6-6 with 1 triple, an RBI, and a walk, the MVP goes to Francisco Deluca, who was 4-6 with a double, 2 homers, and 5 RBI.

7 P.M.

Washington DBucs (12-3) 34, Kobe BlakMambaBryants (8-7: 4: Oh dear. A run in the 2nd put Kobe up 1-0, but Washington answered with 2 in the 4th, 8 in the 6th, and 6th in the 7th. Kobe answered with 2 in the top of the 8th to make the game 16-3, but Washington was just getting started, and hit 4 homers and scored 18 runs in the 8th! Kobe added a 9th inning run, but it was far from enough. Clifford Hooks led Washington, going 5-7 with 2 doubles, 2 homers, and 7 RBIs, with both his homers coming in the 8th, one a 3-runner and the other a grand slam.

St. Louis Major Mistake (9-6) 5, Eugene Spitters (9-6) 4, 13 Innings: The Spitters, one of the hottest Copper Spring teams, could not survive St. Louis. Eugene struck first in the 3rd, but St. Louis answered in the 4th, and there was no more scoring action until the 12th, when Trace Schuster homered, but the Spitters let Maximo Lyle get an RBI single to keep the game alive. In the top of the 13th, Samir Ervin smashed a 2-run homer, but Nico Brinkman, who is now in AAA, allowed a solo homer to Bembae Ocampo and the walk-off, 2-run double to Aton Boettcher. Ervin led the Spitters at 3-5 with a double and a homer, while Boettcher led the Major Mistakes at 3-6 with 2 doubles and 2 RBIs.

Edmonton Robins (13-2) 5, Indianapolis Wolfpacks 800 (8-7) 4: The 2 teams each got runs in the 1st, making it seem as though the game would be a high scoring thriller, it was not. Nobody scored until the 8th, when Riley Batiste gave the Robins a 2-1 lead off his solo dinger, but the Wolfpacks 800 tied the game in the top of the 9th with a single by Nathanael Rea, but the Robins’ 2B, Rickie Yazzie, hit a 3-run bomb to dead center for the win. The POTG was Allen Staples, who was 2-4 with a double, a homer, and an RBI.

Columbus Storm (13-2) 5, St. Louis Birds On A Bat (10-5) 4: The Birds On A Bat got a run in the 1st and 7th for a 2-run lead, but A homer by PH Scott Lear in the bottom of the 7th tied things up 2-2. However, in the top of the 8th, St. Louis struck again with a 2-run homer, but were answered by a 2-run shot by Paxton Durbin to tie it up, then Lear struck again with a walk-off single in the 9th. Lear led the Storm, going 2-2 with 1 HR and 3 RBI, while St. Louis’ Julius Cummings put the team on his shoulders, going 3-4 with 3 homers and 4 RBIs.