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Why Nobody Attends the Draft
Nov 4th 2020 By Columbus Storm

I am busy at the time this is supposed to release, so I am releasing it early and making it shorter than I want.

To celebrate the opening Season 91 draft, I will talk about why it is abandoned. Nobody really attends it. But why? To be honest, I don’t 100% know. But here is most likely why.

Last year, I saw a player named Fabian Carnes in the draft. With a triple 90 pitching stats, I had my eyes on the prize. After 20 rounds, it was still there. But then one of the only 4 teams who participated in the whole draft had to pick him up. The team - the Cyclones. I did get to play that pitcher a few games ago, and let's just say he pitched a shutout. But why did nobody else pick him up. Even the teams that can use the players in the draft still do not get them. Why?

The thing about it is that the players are not good. At least most of them. Some of them can be starters, while most of them belong in FA for their whole careers. Sure, my team doesn’t have the best stats, but the players in the draft? They are on a whole other level, in a bad way. I will always keep attending the draft. The player I got last year is a decent starter for me. So I will take it.

I feel that we should make this more noticeable if we want people to participate in it more. And if you can, I suggest adding better players, so even the best teams will want to participate. I encourage you to draft players, because it really makes more of a difference than you think.

-Columbus Storm