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The Deadliest Rotation in FB - by Toronto Blue Jays
Nov 3rd 2020 By Columbus Storm

What makes a good Franchise Ball team? More specifically what makes good Franchise Ball pitching? That can be answered in many ways. Some people go to the Farm System Management and look in scouting at the top ERA players or WHIP. Some people look for K/9 or how many walks the pitcher gives up. People could also just browse people’s teams to bid on. You could check your FA or go to the top pitching rankings in the world for a season in the rankings section. Specifically, let’s narrow everything down to the Honolulu Shimakaze. If you are on the Franchise Ball discord you may have seen the Season 89 dream lineup that they posted with their starting pitching lineup consisting of all triple 90 players other than Conor Hoyle who had a 90+ 90+ 80+ 80+ rating. When anybody sees that they think it is remarkable. They play consistently well and even when they have some off years they are able to come back next season. Being around for almost two years now I was easily able to see their pitching grow. I was able to see Honolulu’s pitching grow from when they first acquired Hoyle and now. Let’s hear from the mastermind who created this. The Honolulu Shimakaze has arguably had the best pitching ever seen in Franchise Ball and they have the statistics and scout rating to prove it.

The Honolulu Shimakaze first started this as a dream just trying to see if they could get there. Even though most people will never get to the place Honolulu has gotten to, there are still things you can do everyday to improve your pitching and make it better than before. At around S80 was when Honolulu started focusing on pitching. More specifically they tried to get their pitching with 90+ control and movement and 70+ stamina. At that time velocity did not exist but Shimakaze said that velocity is not a huge aspect of the players pitching and that he does not rely on having high velocity. That turned out to be extremely successful in S81 where they had a 55-5 season. After that success the Honolulu Shimakaze knew what they wanted for pitching and they have always tried to follow that doctrine since. Just two seasons later we saw the Shimakaze win the World Series, a classic that I personally enjoyed watching at the time. The Honolulu Shimakaze were world champs after being able to take down the River Rats.

If you do not know much about how to get Game Cash, there are multiple ways to get more like having an above 500 record and winning your division etc. Since Shimakaze got a world series under their belt their GC skyrocketed plus with the 2x premium subscriber added bonus. When you have a pocket full of cash there is a good chance you will spend it, unless you are the HTFD_YANKEES. Eventually the bottom of the pockets ripped and out came the money. The first part of the Super-Rotation came out. Conor Hoyle was won for 70M by Honolulu putting in the first puzzle piece of that dream rotation. Once he acquired Hoyle he decided to change his motto a bit and go for higher stamina as in 80+. He maintained that until in the offseason of S87 the Lions were leaving. The Lions had two triple 90 pitchers one of which was on his secondary team the Waves. Shimakaze decided to jump on the players and now the Super-Rotation is starting to come into reality. The puzzle pieces are coming together now and he needs just a few more pieces to complete the godly set that any manager would dream of. His answer… just drop 215M on Staples and Barkley. He was even able to make a trade to acquire a Kerns, also another trip 90 who helped the San Diego Giants win their first World Series of the decade. He was able to get Banner from the Panthers in time for Season 89. The dream was complete! And it worked! Look at his statistics, in the context of his history of pitching S90 was considered to be a bad season. That makes me laugh speaking he had around a 3.8 ERA and a Sub 1 WHIP. Do not feel discouraged though, there are still some tips that the Honolulu Shimakaze has to share on how to make your pitching better.

There are tricks that you can use to find good pitchers looking specifically on scout ratings. Do not quote anybody on this because let me tell you, scout ratings are not everything. In some cases they can be very misleading but if you want to find stud pitchers there are certain things you should go for. One suggestion is for sure to look for 85+ control and 90+ movement. Having high velocity can be good but if your control is really low the pitcher becomes more of an inconsistent guy and will end up walking more guys. The pitcher is more risky as a whole. Another large aspect according to him is that you need to look for the right stats. Walking and hits are bad obviously but those are to specific stats he says to look for. You want them to be really low because when you have low stats there your K/9 becomes a lot higher and that is what you want. As a whole though he puts emphasis on looking deep into a guy's stats. Scout ratings help but they are not everything.

Is it possible to get a dream rotation? Yes but it can be your dream rotation. It does not have to be all triple 90s and guys that go for 80M whenever they are up for grabs. When you take your time over the seasons and find trust in some players you too can put together a rotation of your dreams. Though Game Cash clearly helps, based on your team value and how much money is in your pocket you can still make your dream rotation. Some rotations will stand out more. Even before writing this I could name Honolulu’s starting lineup: Staples, Barkley, Hoyle, Banner and Kerns (I am ok) but does that really matter? There are many teams in FB and only a few will be really noticed for their rotations but what really matters is if you find the rotation for you that fits your team and your playing style.

Thank you Honolulu Shimakaze for letting me ask you a few questions on Discord!