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Free Trade Day: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly

Nov 1st 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

October 31, aka Halloween, was “Unlimited Trade Day” for all. For non-subscriber teams like me, this is our oppurtunity to wheel and deal as much as we want. Here are the best, worst, and ugliest of them all.


Bartomle Adame (Bombers) for Augustin Anders (Red Sox 1): They have very similar scout ratings, though Adame is a 1B and Anders is a P. They also have similar stats, as Anders has a 3.00 ERA and Adame has a career .295 AVG. The only thing is that Adame is 34 and Anders is 21. But other than that, this swap of AAA players is as fair as can be.

Ezequiel Pinkerton (Deadly Sins) for Keven Singletary (Ohawks): One of many (and last) trades that the Deadly Sins and Ohawks made with each other, the 27-year old Singletary is a double 90 with CON-POW while the 28-year old Pinkerton is a double 90 CON-DEF. I would have taken Singletary, but this was a really fair trade between the 2 teams.

Elias Houston, Jamel Hart, and Houston Wendt (Yankees) for Francisco Yarborough, Donald Pauley, and Harold Calkins (Longballs): Yes, this was me, but I included it because it is the easiest to explain. I was in need of double 90 CON-POW hitters as 1B (Pauley), 2B (Yarborough), and CF (Calkins), while the Longballs were interested in Wendt. Hart and Houston were 2 minor leaguers who I needed off my hands, so this fulfilled both our needs.


Salvatore Oakley, Emmet Atkins, Axel Laster (Red Sox 1) for Allan Stricklin, Mariano Escamillia, Demarcus Dickens (Green Bay Brewers): The Red Sox 1 were the losers here, but not by much. The Red Sox gave up more youth, and also traded 3 very good players for 2 very good players and 1 good player. The Brewers made a shrewd deal.

Deshaun Oquendo (Demo Yankees) for Marquis Zaragoza (Columbus Storm): Columbus got a solid steal. Oquendo, a double 90 in CON and SPD, is really the dream leadoff hitter while Zaragoza is a double 90 in CON and FLD. The Storm got a good deal and really impressed.

Trevin Frazier (Bombers) for Perry Zepada (Clearwater Currents): A triple 90 for a double 90 can easily make the “Ugly” list, but double 90 Zepada is 25 and triple 90 Frazier is 34 (and the Bombers had only given Frazier 75 ABs in 3 seasons), so this evens out to a “Bad” trade.

Dallin Estrella (Deadly Sins) for Lewis Huang (Ohawks): This trade only makes sense when you understand that Ohawks have quit. Huang is a 31-year old double 90 1B for a 78-87-69-93 picther? Estrella is 23, but there are plenty of better young pitchers waiting in the FA pool for Ohawks.

Skyler Mendoza (Codfish) for Jaylin Buford (Ohawks): Again, what (Note: after realizing that Ohawks was quitting, this made more sense)? Mendoza is a 39 year old 88-83-73-84 who went to Ohawks AAA, while Buford is a 34-year old 94-90-74-78 who automatically made the Codfish MLB roster. The Codfish really showed off their trading prowess.

Izaiah Warden and Salvatore Oakley (Red Sox 1) for Warren Cochrane and Kai Saunders (Brewers): This would have been a “Bad” trade if the Red Sox 1 had kept both the players they wanted. But, no, they let Saunders walk and go to the soon to be defunct Ohawks. Warden and Oakley are better and younger than Cochrane and Saunders, and the 2 for 1 (effectively, since Saunders didn’t go to the Red Sox 1) pushes this into ugly.

This is my first article, so let me know if you like something, don’t like something, etc.

Alexandria Yankees :)

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