Franchise Ball News
Oct 29th 2020 By Columbus Storm

When I wrote my last article about Season 90 and what we have been through, I tried to make it a one-time thing. I just wanted to see how people reacted, laugh about it, and move on. However, the Bombers asked me to write an article about predictions. With nothing else to do, I agreed. So here we go.

I will go through who I think will win every division to start. Then, the playoffs will be covered, and finally, the world series.

I lied. I did Alta Canyon and Alpha Ruby and became mentally drained. This will turn into a FAQ session.

Q: Who will surprise everyone next season?
A: This will sound silly, but I am putting my faith in Orange Juice. They beat the Firebirds this offseason and will go very far under a new owner.

Q: Worst team?
A: Syracuse Mets. They went 6-54 last year and that will carry on throughout the next few seasons. See them at 7-53.

Q: Best team?
A: Bombers. They have an excellent squad. See them at 54-6.

Q: What team will fall off from last season?
A: Doubledays. I have seen them making questionable offseason moves by getting rid of their old starters. They will either miss the playoffs completely or rise to the top fast.

Q: Best Division?
A: Alta Canyon South. With 3 40+ win teams last season in this division (Mets, Nationals, and Shimakaze), this will be a huge race to the finish.

Lastly, who will finish at the top?

I predict the winner of the Season 91 Cup to be theā€¦ San Jose Panthers. An excellent team last year that turned themselves around completely from the year before. I think that they will go all the way this year because they are an excellent team. Expect them to be an all-time great.

Do you agree with these predictions? Let me know in the comments. I just want to let everyone know that these predictions are not fully accurate and that if you want to prove me wrong somehow, go ahead. That is what I want you to do.

I would like to give credit to the Bombers for this idea. Thanks, Bombers.

Have an amazing rest of the offseason and thanks for reading!

-Columbus Storm