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90 and Beyond
Oct 28th 2020 By Columbus Storm

I am a 12 year old kid that lives in New Jersey. And Franchise Ball has been around for more than half of my life.To put how long that was in perspective, my little brother, who is now 7, was 2 months old when this game came out.

To celebrate the 90th season of Franchise Ball, I want to look at how far we have come and how much farther we have to go.

In Season 1, the Washington Axels beat the Thunder Doggs in the first-ever FB championship. At that time, there were only 5 divisions, no trades, no stats, and there was no public involvement, only beta testers.

Since then, we have grown so much and seen the best of the best rise. From the Dolphins to the Lions,  the Bombers to the Giants, the Warriors to the HTFD_YANKEES, and from the Shimakaze to the Marvols, we have seen it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

From the 40 run game from the HTFD_YANKEES, from the 5th Warrior world title, from the insane 56 win season from the Anunnaki Reds, to the horrific 1 win season from the London Team USA II, to the unseriousness of Orange Juice through the years, to the Mexico City Samurai-Bikinis, possibly the worst FB team of all time, we have seen it all.

But there is a whole future to come, with huge unbearable surprises in the future. Could the 7th Inning Stretch win a championship in their first full season next month? Will the Bombers go on a huge hot streak and pass Spokane for most titles? Will the first 90+ stat player in all categories be existent? We do not know what the future will hold. Imagine if the Orange Juice win a title in the next few seasons.

I would like to see bold predictions by you guys. I have made a Google Form linked here:

Thanks for reading this article, and I wish you a happy Season 91 and beyond!

- Columbus Storm