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The Bombers Season 90 World Series Run
Oct 26th 2020 By Edmonton Robins

Two outs, bottom ninth, bases empty up by one. This was the situation the Bombers fans have been waiting for during the magical run. They had reliever Eric Stewart pitching the last two innings. The pitch. During this moment, the world seemed to have stopped momentarily for Bombers fans all over the world. But before we can finish, let’s rewind to how we got to this situation.

The new playoff format came into play as the Bombers were the number 1 ranked team in the world with a record of 55-5. The Bombers started off their postseason run by winning the first game, 22-5 backed up by Roland Emery’s 5 for 7, five RBI, two home run game. The Bombers won the next game 3-0 with another home run by Roland Emery. In the next series, the Bombers won the series 2-0 over the Ontario Lightning with scores of 9-2 and 8-3. Then the Bombers faced a tough matchup against the St. Johns Deadly Sins in the league final.

In the bottom of the fifth in game one, the Bombers were winning 2-1, but when Maureo Salcido hit a two-run blast, that propelled the Bombers forward to a 4-2 victory. In-game two, 27-year-old catcher Reynaldo Pitcher was the star of the show. With 100 power, there was no holding Pitcher back. In the top of the 4th, Pitcher got the Bombers on board with a home run to tie the game at one. But with a tied game in the 6th, Pitcher hit a two-run blast that put the Bombers on top. But Pitcher wasn't done there, Pitcher got a clutch single in the top half of the 7th to put the Bombers on top, 6-5.

The Bombers were headed to the World Playoffs. In the first round, the Bombers were facing the Houston Nightcrawlers. The Bombers came out swinging with a two-run blast by Gaspard Ledesma. In the bottom of the fifth, the Bombers were down 5-3, but the Bombers got a huge five-run inning without a home run. The Bombers held on to win, 15-6. In the next round, the Bombers were down two early, but a five-run inning with a two-run home run by Roland Emery but the Bombers passed the Fort Worth Horned Frogs

In the World Series, the Bombers faced a tough task against the World ranked number 18, Honolulu Shimakaze. It was low scoring early, but in the seventh, a three-run shot by Pirro Garcia extended the Shimakaze lead. Shimakaze went on to win that game, 10-3. In-game two, the Bombers were down 4-2 in the bottom of the fifth. But home runs by Maureo Salcido and Roland Emery tied it up. At the end of that inning, the Bombers had a five slot and had taken the lead. The score held up from there with a Bomber victory of 7-4.

The teams then packed up and went to Honolulu for the site of games three and four. The Bombers came out swinging with a two-run inning, but Shimakaze got two right back. But in the top of the second, the Bombers got another five-run inning with the help of another home run by Maureo Salcido. That lead held and the Bombers were leading the series, 2-1. In the top of the fourth in game four, who else but Reynaldo Pitcher to open the score for the Bombers, Shimakaze got one in the bottom of the fifth to tie it up. A clutch single by Gaspard Ledesma put the Bombers up top. So here we are, the pitch, ground ball to short, throw to first, in time, Bombers win, Bombers win.
Congratulations Bombers on winning the World Series!

Who do you think should be the MVP for the playoffs on the Bombers, please vote below in the comments.

Gaspard Ledesma, Reynaldo Pitcher or Maureo Salcido?

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Maureo Salcido
6 months ago
who put - Ohio Hacking into your email and taking all your money - because they are genius
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oh ok
7 months ago
Robins : 
No, just seemed like a good idea to rewind the playoffs.
7 months ago
Did you get the rewind idea from SB Nation Rewind Series
7 months ago
haha :)
7 months ago
I vote his whole bullpen, as the one that faced it
7 months ago
or pitcher
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