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Top Ten Teams of The Decade

Oct 6th 2020 By Edmonton Robins

Every decade there is history made in Franchise Ball. This decade it may be the Warriors having the most World Series wins as an active team. Maybe Codfish beat out a ton of world offensive records that were held by the Joes. There were a few milestones that were hit this decade but today we will be ranking from 10-1 the top 10 teams in this decade. Some teams will get in for their stats, rings, accomplishments, and records.

#10 St. Johns Codfish

Though they were not a team to get a ring or much success in the playoffs there are still many successful things this team has done. There pitching did not have much success this decade but the offense is the main thing that everyone knows and hears about. Finishing 1st in the world in season 89 was a huge accomplishment but breaking half the offensive world records that same season really puts them high. They took half the records from the legend, the Average Joes, and put their name on it. Though they did not always find much success in the playoffs their offense was the thing that stood out the most.

#9 New Orleans Hot Rods

There is no doubt that this team was “hot” during the early ’80s of this decade. With one World Series win in Season 80 really gave them motivation for more success. Unfortunately, not much of that came because there weren't many more appearances for them that could make Franchise Ball history. They were no doubt a great team in Season 80 where they pulled out their second WS win in Franchise History. One is glory but 2, that is just even better. Even though they did not make many other splashes they are still a team to remember this decade for their WS win in 80.

#8 Buffalo Bisons

Yes, we are counting teams that have been around for at least 5 of the 10 seasons. As many of you may know the Buffalo Bisons left officially a few seasons ago and his team has been terminated. Even though they were not able to get the ring they had huge success in the playoffs getting into the World Series but not being able to get the title. When you look at the Bisons their success is a lot higher than you think. After losing a ton of players to an internet problem he ended up having two 50+ win seasons after that. How does that happen? They had the comeback of the decade and we all wish he was still playing with us today.

#7 Peoria Destroyers

The Destroyers had a huge amount of success in the regular season. Being ranked twice 1st, once second, and once 6th in the decade they deserve some credit for being able to put up those numbers. With 3 League titles, there is not much to hate about this team. Winning the division every single season for the decade is not normal. Another fun fact about the team is they never lost the division ever… except once.

#6 San Diego Bombers

The San Diego Bombers did not get any rings this decade but they were ranked top 5 in the world for 7 out of the 10 seasons. With multiple League titles and a very consistent offense of averaging normally of 330, you can see why this team has been so successful throughout the decade with a tough division with the Reds. Having three 50+ win seasons you can see why this team is one of the best teams this decade.

#5 Yonker River Rats

The Rats struck gold in Season 81 with a world series victory. This team is not like the last few teams. They were not as successful during the regular season but the playoffs were a different story. Though they were not ranked high in the regular season they put up four League Champions one of which was a world title. Winning the division every single time they showed huge success this decade.

#4 Chicago Ohawks

The Ohawks have not even been around for 10 seasons and they have already done so much. They won the world series in Season 87. Though their pitching did not come under control till season 89 their hitting was a different story. They found the top players and in just in their first couple seasons they became a top team. They were ranked top 5 in the world 3 times and after a few seasons there hitting was putting up massive numbers. In Season 87 they put up around 10 runs a game. There is no wonder why this team is one of the best ones this decade.

#3 Honolulu Shimakaze

There is nothing much to say about this team except two things. One was their world series victory in 83. Overall though was their pitching. There ERA never went above 4 which is really hard to do but the most extraordinary part about this team was their super-rotation. Do you know how you pay sometimes 30M+ for one good triple 90 pitcher? Well, Shima kind of has that set! Every starter is a consistent triple 90 pitcher. They have top pitchers like Hoyle, Staples, etc. The Shimakaze deserves their spot creating a rotation that has probably never been done before.

#2 Spokane Warriors

You guys might remember them winning a world series… multiple times… ok maybe 5 times. They just won their 5th world series after being up there with the Dolphins who were a team awhile ago. The consistency is another part of their team is absolutely amazing. They have had a consistent ERA hitting etc. If you want a great team they are a team you would want to be. Pitching is hard enough to find but it seems right now they are just consistently finding it. Look at their history in pitching and you will see their ERA was only above 3.5 a couple of times this decade. Some people right now would kill for that ERA. This team really deserves this spot on this ranking and they should be one of the most respected Franchise Ball teams ever.

#1 San Diego Giants

Nobody can argue this one. 2 rings in a decade is an extraordinary accomplishment he has to be credited in a large amount for his pitching led by 3 hot triple 90’s in the first WS appearance and only 2 in the second, Kerns being traded to the Shima Super Rotation a couple of seasons earlier. His team really speaks for themselves, a hot offense with great players and a deadly starter rotation and bullpen. I would like to say more but I do not think it is necessary for this fabulous team! Congratulations San Diego, you reign as the top team of this decade.

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