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2nd Special Sponsored Event for free 10 mil GC

Oct 5th 2020 By Franchise Ball

UBT Bank and Franchise Ball are hosting their second special live webinar class on October 16th (3pm EST), over Zoom this month.  This is a money management course for young adults (and teenagers) to learn about budgeting.  This is a totally voluntary and free event for all Franchise Ball teams to attend.  

For those of you who missed the first one last month, this is the 2nd set in UBT's series on basic money management.  We see it as beneficial for the younger crowd in Franchise Ball to learn some skills for their own benefit, but you may also attend if you are older and have an interest in learning some basic budgeting / banking knowledge.

Just as before, there will be a 10 million $ GC reward for attending this event.  If you are interested, please message the Seattle Admins your email address, and we will formally send you the Zoom Meeting invite.  We will credit your Franchise Ball account with $10 mil after the event, pending you attended.

Good luck to everyone in season 90!  Cheers

- Franchise Ball Team

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