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Season 89 Power Rankings

Sep 21st 2020 By Edmonton Robins

Season 89 Power Rankings

Bombers (51-9)
Codfish (52-8)
Ohawks (50-10)
Warriors (50-10)
Giants (50-10)
Destroyers (49-11)
Royals0 (48-12)
Peace Sharks (48-12)
Hipponax (46-14)
Terrace Thunder (47-13)
Currents (46-14)
Maniacs (45-15)
Captains (45-15
polarbears (45-15)
Shimakaze (44-16)
Deadly Sins (44-16)
Sabres (44-16)
Marvols (44-16)
Atom Smashers (43-16)
Tornadoes (44-16)
Kantai (44-17)
Windsurge (43-17)
Pineapples (43-17)
THE DUKES (43-17)

Do not get wrapped up on this. This will not mean anything coming into the playoffs so do not worry if you are not on it or how you are ranked.

News Conversation
Bombers : 
Thanks Blue Jays.
2 years ago
Sorry for the day, I sent the article in to be posted but it hasn't yet
2 years ago
ws article will come out tomorrow. I messaged Robins to do it but if he can not it will be out in the afternoon tomorrow. Predictions may or may not happen. Depending how life plays out I may be able to.
2 years ago
Bombers : 
Are you going write a World Series article or final rankings? You can also do predictions for next season.
2 years ago
Robins : 
Good job on the article.
2 years ago
ObZen : 
2 years ago
Cobras : 
Good article!
2 years ago
facing birds on a bat tommorow
2 years ago
so close to top 10 but itsfine
2 years ago
top 11 woohoo
2 years ago
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