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In Depth: Off-season Challenge
Aug 30th 2020 By Edmonton Robins

By Portland Venom
This may be my last article, but I don’t know at all. I have middle school starting on September 8th, so this is just a heads up for article readers that did not know.

Starting in Season 78, the Offseason Challenge has grown bigger and bigger. Starting with a few big teams in it, the Offseason challenge is a place where now a lot of contenders choose to spend their offseason. The PRnacionals host the Offseason challenge, and I asked them “Why did you want to start the Offseason Challenge?” They Replied by saying “ Due to the fact that the playoffs are one game elimination, it’s such a frustration to many good teams so I started the challenge with six game series as a solution to that frustration”

It also has gotten pretty widespread as it is always on the social feed as it comes offseason time. The Pineapples found it like this “ I first participated in the offseason challenge back in 84. I was looking through conversations in games and teams and saw that PR was putting together a challenge. I consider myself a relatively new team, but I thought it would be fun to play against some of the more prestigious teams during the offseason. I asked to join and I was set up for the tournament.”

For the Wind Surge, “ I found out about the offseason challenge two offseasons before this one. That was the time when I was starting to open to the FB community, I was too late to participate, so I did so the next offseason.”

The offseason challenge is also well liked among participants.

“I like it because it adds competition which I love, and I think it’s very humbling. There is no best team in Franchise Ball, and the randomness makes the playoffs exciting, and also can make very interesting series between great teams.” - Portland Venom

“The tournament is great because so many great teams play every season.  It is a great way to see how your team performs.” - San Diego Bombers

“I suppose I enjoy it because it gives you an opportunity to play better teams than you often do in the regular season, regardless of who wins. It’s quite refreshing, actually.” -Windsor Wind Surge

The winners of the tournament that have also won the world series say that it is satisfying, but nothing compares to winning the world series.

Thanks to the Windsor Wind Surge, San Diego Bombers, Mayaguez PRnacionals, Pomona Pineapples and the Portland Venom for doing interviews.  

Also Congrats to the Chicago Ohawks for winning the Season 88 Offseason Challenge!
And Congrats to the PRnacionals as they have hosted the challenge for 10 seasons!