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Top 10 Up and Coming Teams

Aug 1st 2020 By Edmonton Robins

Top 10 Up and Coming Teams
  By Cobras, Robins and Wind Surge               Idea By Cobras
When the world had to pause, people searched the web for things to do. Some people like baseball and like strategy. You know what fits right in there? Franchise Ball.
Because of that, tons of new Franchise Ball teams emerged onto the scene. There was so much, in fact, a new league was created, but soon folded. The League’s name was Buffalo Cape.  A lot of the teams didn’t log back in, but I wanted to make a list of the ones who did. Therefore, my search for the best new team was on.
All teams have to have been created from Season 83-Present
There will be a top 10 list
I will be combining playoff runs/ Record for this list

Number 10  
With a 41-20 record in season 87, the Honolulu rbis come in at number 10. With their first division title, they won a close game in round one, then eventually lost to the reigning champions the Chicago Ohawks. But with still being in the early stage of operation, they could become a big threat later on.

Number 9
Amassing a 37-22 season after a 25-18 Franchise Debut, the St. Johns Peace Sharks come in at 9th on our list. They had some crazy stats in season 87, As their RPG was 7.93, But that isn’t too surprising, because they are owned by the Codfish. In the playoffs, The 6 Seed Peace Sharks made a nice run as a young team, advancing to the league finals after pulling off some upsets against the Shimakaze and the Hipponax. This team, same with all on the list, has a bright future.

Number 8
The Charlees Angels barely made the cut, as they made their first team in the middle of season 83.  They finished that season 17-15, but the next season they finished 43-17 and won their division. When they made the playoffs as a 3 seed that season, they made it to the second round, but lost there. In season 85, they won 33 games, but with a 6.23 RPG. In season 86, they won 41 games, but not they did not win their division. In the Wildcard playoffs, they were a two seed but lost to the Portland Cobras in the first round. Last season, they won 39 games with a franchise high of 460 Strikeouts.

Number 7
With a 4 game drop in wins in season 87, the Cobras take our 7th spot. The Cobras have traveled to 3 leagues in three seasons, so their records may vary. In their first season, the Cobras went 34-26 and landed third in a division with the future Ocean Star league champion Winnipeg Frost and the recently retired Winnipeg Bullheads. In Season 86, they moved to Alpine Sound to play in a division with the Valencia Dragon Shrimp. That Season, they won a franchise high 40 games but didn’t win their division, but they did make the Wildcard playoffs. In the Wildcard playoffs, they pulled off an upset against the 2 seed Charlees Angles, and lost a heartbreaker to the Toronto Blue Jays in extras. In 87, they moved to Theta Premier, and won 36 games with a Franchise best offense.

Number 6
At number 6 we have put the Winnipeg Frost. The Frost restarted their team after quitting in season 81 and coming back in 84. In 85 they skyrocketed to a 42-18 season that is good for anyone in Delta Premier nevertheless a rookie! They won their division but lost in the first round to the Grozovoi. The Next season, they won a franchise high in games as they went 46-14 and won the Ocean Star league! They lost in the world playoffs, though. In 87, they won 42 games and lost in the second round. This team has talented stars and they could be a World title contender for years to come.

Number 5
From Number 5 and up the choices get even more tough than before. I promise you, these teams are all top tier teams. At Number 5, I have the Windsor Wind Surge. The Surge’s first wasn’t the best, as they went 31-29. But the next season they jumped to an impressive 47-13. After that, they finished with a 43-17 record. But with some young core pitching and that great offense this team could be a big favorite moving forward.

Number 4
With four seasons and four division titles the St. Johns Codfish ring in at number 4. In their first season they went 36-24, After they shined in their first season, they became a powerhouse in season 85. They won 49 games and landed first place in their league and won in the first round but lost in a tough game against the HTFD_YANKEES. In Season 86, they kept their great offense and made it better while they won 54 games and had a RPG of 10.07. That starts to get onto a prime Average Joes level. In the playoffs, they cruised through the first 2 rounds and wound up in a great game against the Peoria Massacre but lost 7-6. Meanwhile, there was all this drama going on about how people thought that the Codfish were exploiting a glitch. That next season, the codfish went up in a division tiebreaker and beat the Baltimore Quarantinos, who have one of the best names in all of FB. In the playoffs that season, they lost in the first round.

Number 3
The Edmonton Robins come in at number 3. With a shortened season in their first, the Robins went 25-23. After they established common ground, they went 41-19 which only got them to the Wildcard playoff when they lost in the first round to THE DUKES. After that, they went 47-13 which led them to their first division title. Where they won the first round, but then the train came to a halt when they lost to division rival, Victoria BC Battalion. With only 6.05 RPG the Robins pitching carried them into the playoffs. If the Robins get clutch hits this season, they could be a threat to win it all.

Number 2
With a 49-11 season in 87, we have put the Peoria Massacre in 2nd on our list. The Massacre went 10-5 in their first season, but soon got to business in season 85. Or did they? In Season 85 they went 33-27, while showing promise on the hitting side of things. Then, they won an astonishing 47 games in Season 86, propelling them to the playoffs, where they won their league. In the world Playoffs, they won against the Blue Jays, then they lost in a close game against the Bisons. In Season 87, they went 49-11. They won their league title and made the world playoffs again. In the world playoffs, they beat the Louisville Colonels, and then they beat the Springfield Eagles. They got a bye, and they were headed to the world series. It was a classic against the Ohawks in which they won by 2 in game 1 but they lost by 1 in game two. That set up game 3. It was an all out slugfest from the opening gates. It was 9-8 in the second inning! Sadly, they lost 16-13 as Reese Nelson hit the biggest home run of his life, as the ball went out of the stadium to seal the World Series.

Number 1
There is a clear number one, and that number one is, Jasonswice. Jasonswice 17,400,000 in their second season! This team could be a big threat later on, if they get some good core players.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

Just Kidding.

The Real Number 1
In their first season, they went 8-7, but in their second, the Chicago Ohawks, went 38-22 in their first full season, but after that, they dialed it down. They went 42-18 in season 85, but that wasn't good enough to get them a division title. In season 86, they went 48-12 to secure their first division title! They beat the San Diego Rockies in round one, 10-3, but then lost to the evental wolf champion, the San Diego Giants. But in season 87, something kicked in, they went a tremendous 52-8 winning their division and league title. Where the beat Valencia Dragon Shrimp in a round one slugfest, 15-11. They got a bye, into the semi-finals. In the semis, there was one thing facing them and the World Series, the Yonkers River Rats. They won 6-4 and were headed to the world final. They lost the first game by two, then won by one. In the final game, it was a complete slugfest with 9-8 in the second inning, the Ohawks managed to pull it out with Reese Nelsons’ walk off to propel them to the world title. If the Ohawks batting stays the same, and a little bit of pitching improvement, you better watch out Spokane Warriors, there could be a new GOAT of FB.

Congrats Ohawks

By the way, this list is probably inaccurate because we didn’t find all the contenders for it so please tell us if we forgot about you.

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