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Playoff Predictions (By Cobras)
Jul 21st 2020 By Edmonton Robins

Playoff Predictions (By Cobras)

First off, Good Luck to all teams that made the playoffs! (Sadly, I didn’t). Next, these are probably going to be way off because the playoffs are unpredictable so don’t be discouraged if your team doesn’t make it far in the predictions.

Alpha Ruby: Perth Pineapples def San Jose Panthers
I think that San Jose will probably ride through on their hot regular season finish momentum all the way to the League Finals, with a close win against the Caneros, and then a wild upset over the Warriors to make it to the finals. But the Perth Pineapples were a bit too much to handle in the finals as the league 2 seed will advance into the world playoffs after putting in a wrecking show when they faced the Flying SQUIRRELS, and getting a close win against the River Rats in the second round.

Alpine Sound: Oakland Hipponax def Valencia Dragon Shrimp
I think that the Hipponax and their great defense and offense are going to win Alpine Sound, not by a longshot in a very Top Heavy Alpine Sound. Winning easily in the first round and winning a tough game against the Shimakaze, and finally beat the Dragon Shrimp, who win in some crazy upsets, most notably against the Bisons in the first round.

Alta Canyon: Stamford Demo Yankees def St Johns Codfish
The 43-17 Demo Yankees have a great run defeating the Wind Surge by a lot, and then he wins a close one against the Massacre, a win in a huge slugfest against the Codfish. Meanwhile, the Codfish beat the Okanagan Heat, then beat the surprise season Orenji who went 46-14 and then they lose against the World Playoff Demo Yankees.

Beta Compass: Peoria Destroyers def Edmonton Robins
The Destroyers will be the team the WolfPack’s three season Beta compass run. They do that by Defeating the Mesa Road Runners in the first round in a surprisingly close game, then beating the WolfPack in battle that goes into extras, and then beat the Robins to advance to the World Playoffs as their experience overpowers the young team, the Robins. On the flip side, the Robins breeze by the first two rounds, throwing shutouts in each, but the Destroyers turned out to be a bit too much.

Delta Premier: Washington DBucs def Cincinnati Reds
The DBucs will use their 15 game winning streak to an advantage as 15 turns into 18 with 3 very close wins starting with their first matchup. In their first matchup they faced the Green Bay Kaukauna Foxes. That team is one of those teams for me that you can never beat. Next they took on the Buffalo Sabres and won. Finally, they took on the Reds in a primetime matchup for the league finals where they win by 2.

Epsilon Peak: Chicago Ohawks def Honolulu rbis
The Ohawks will breeze through not the best league, as they are one of (if not) the best hitting teams in the game. I say they are going to score 15 runs in one game. The rbis win some close ones, showing that their future can be bright, but no one beats the Ohawks, who’s + - is +322! Is that a record or something but if not it should be close.

Ocean Star: Anchorage polarbears def Vallejo Master Batters
The polarbears will win the all around weak league, getting an easy win against the KCKC. Next they go up against the Calgary Fire Birds. The Fire Birds make it close, but not enough to beat the polarbears. They go on to face the Master Batters. The Master Batters have made a nice run, as the 7 seed beat the Mobile War Eagle, then faced and beat a good Winnipeg Frost team, who had come off of winning the league title the last season. From the 3rd inning on it was not even close. The polarbears offense catches fire as they pull away from the Master Batters quickly. Final Score 12:2

Theta Premier: Green Bay Brewers def St Johns Deadly sins
In Theta this season all the higher seeds make it out of the first round. Which leads to pandemonium in the second round. You see Terrace Titans vs Deadly Sins, which is close all the way through, and is tied until in the 9th when the Sins score 4 runs, and to match the Titans only score three. The next game is the Brewers vs jimmies, which is a pitching duel, but the Brewers get the upper hand. In the finals the Brewers lead all the way through, winning the rematch.

Wildcard Division 1: San Diego Bombers def Knoxville Smokies
I’m not going to say too much about the wildcards, but this one is turning into the San Diego Bombers’ refuge division. The Bombers should take a breeze through this as the smokies pull off some upsets but lose to San Diego

Wildcard Division 2: Shreveport Captains def Victoria BC Battalion
This division is tough and anything can happen but I think that the Captains will win but all games will be close.

World Playoffs: In the world playoffs I have the Perth Pineapples, Oakland Hipponax, Stamford Demo Yankees, Peoria Destroyers, Washington DBucs, Chicago Ohawks, Anchorage polarbears, Green Bay Brewers, San Diego Bombers and the Shreveport Captains. All of these teams are great, and I think the matchup to go to the World Series will be……………… the Peoria Destroyers against the Chicago Ohawks! I believe that in the start the Ohawks offense will do well, and same with the Destroyers. This game goes into an all out slugfest which ends in a two run go ahead homer by the Destroyers that wins the Game!

World Series: The world series. The place everyone wants to be. The world series will see the Peoria Destroyers take on the Oakland Hipponax! Game one is close until the 8th where the Hipponax score three runs. The Destroyers don’t come back. Game two. Game two is the clincher for the Hipponax. Everyone knows the winner from the start in this one. They throw a great game, and hit well too. And they are…. THE OAKLAND HIPPONAX!

Pls comment if you liked or didn’t like it so I know if I should do another one.