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Which League is the Best in the Game?
May 1st 2020 By Los Angeles Lions

It's an age-old question...which league is the best in the game? The truth is, the answer probably changes every season as teams transfer in and out and improve and regress. But, let's try to take a look and decide which league is truly the best. This article will be ranking all of the leagues in the game from #8 to #1 in order of their strength. Each league will be analyzed carefully from top to bottom. Each league's top tier, depth, and overall activity will be considered. Leagues with a few elite teams but very few other active teams outside of those elite teams will not rank as high as a league with less top-tier teams, but many more active, good teams.

#8: Epsilon Peak. That's right, no bias here! The Epsilon Peak is the weakest league in the game. The only big name teams are the Los Angeles Lions and the Houston Nightcrawlers, and  although the young, upstart San Diego Giants also reside here, that's about it for the top tier. There are a few other active teams and teams that can definitely grow into solid challengers, such as the Monterrey Shortstop, Montreal TBJays, Tulsa Tornados, Stamford Cardinals, and Chicago Ohawks, there simply aren't enough active teams or elite teams for this league to be considered a strong one. On average, there is only one active team per division in this league, so there isn't enough depth in this league to make up for its relative lack of elite teams.

#7: Alta Canyon. Alta is home to the St. Louis Birds on a Bat, Oakland Athletics, and Hartford HTFD_YANKEES. Not a bad list of teams. But, similarly to Epsilon, it lacks depth in activity compared to most other leagues. It has a good amount of new teams that can become great if they stay active, like the Charleston Battery, Las Vegas Moneyball, Spokane Broken Axes, Peoria Massacre, St. John's Codfish, Baltimore Quarantinos, Stanford Demo Yankees, Saskatoon Charlees Angels, Vancouver Okanagan Heat, and Albuquerque Wombats. That's a long list, but the league in general lacks experience and although it could become a very solid league if these new teams stick around and become great, at the moment, it is one of the weaker leagues in the game.

#6: Alpine Sound. The Buffalo Bisons and Honolulu Shimakaze are the only top-tier teams that reside here, but this league has too many good young teams to count. Here is the full list of active teams (teams that logged in 5 days ago or more recently): Pittsburgh Panthers, New Orleans Bob Wales, Buffalo Bisons, Little Rock Panthers, Washington Nationals, Valencia Dragon Shrimp, Norman Danger Noodles, Cambridge Longballs, Dallas MavCats, Boston Red Sox, Honolulu Shimakaze. That's a LOT of active teams, and a lot of them are less than 5 seasons old. A dead team may have won this league last season, but don't let that fool you...this league has improved a lot since last season's playoffs, and I can almost guarantee that that won't happen again. The Alpine Sound will be a very fun league to watch this season, as many of its teams have a ton of potential.

#5: Beta Compass. This league has probably gone through the most changes this offseason. They lost the Honolulu Shimakaze and the Boston Monarchs, but they got last season's world #1, the Peoria Destroyers. The Indianapolis WolfPack also improved a lot, and the San Jose Panthers remain an incredible team based on scout ratings that never quite live up to the hype on the field. The Mobile Melvin Justice, Carolina PRey, Little Rock Cougars, Kobe BlakMambaBryants, Calgary Denver dingers, Havana Cienfuegos, Waco Allah, Denver Luggers, Kansas City MONARCHS, Kansas City The Cartel, Vancouver LateNite Tokers, Toronto Blue Jays, Victoria BC Battalion, Manchester Timothy, Columbus Buckeyes, and Kansas City Timmy2020 make up a very long list of active teams. The Destroyers and WolfPack will most likely be fighting for league titles here, while all the others will be left to fight over the scraps, as the Destroyers and WolfPack look like, on paper, two of the best teams in the game at the moment. Overall, Beta is a very solid league from top to bottom.

#4: Alpha Ruby. Alpha has become known as the Warriors-Rats duopoly league, but it has more depth than it is given credit for. The Atlanta Caneros, New York Cartagena Yankee, Erie Keystone Kops, Carolina Panthers, Saltillo PonceLeones, Atlanta BLACKSOX, Atlanta THE DUKES, Mount Vernon Boxers, Seattle Marvols, Portland Grizzlies, Baton Rouge expos, Wichita Studs, Las Vegas Daddies, St. Louis Perfectos, Providence Pineapples, Honolulu Killer Taipans, Hartford WhalerHawks, and Jersey City AMERICAN ESKIMOS make up a really solid supporting cast. This league has everything...experience, youth, an extremely stacked division, an always-exciting battle between two heavyweights for the league title, and, of course, the GOAT.

#3: Ocean Star. That's right, the Ocean Star lands on the podium and is the best out of all the non-premier leagues! The Ocean Star has the Calgary Fire Birds (world runner-up), New Orleans Rusty Tollers, Baltimore Orioles, Springfield Royals, Anchorage polarbears, New Orleans Hot Rods, and the Kansas City Royals0 (offseason challenge champions), and that is just the top tier! They have many other active teams, too many to list, that are right behind that group. The Ocean Star has fantastic depth and has 7 teams that can make some real noise in the world playoffs. What other non-premier league can say that? Not one that I know of.

#2: Theta Premier. Yup, it is Theta coming in at #2, which means Delta is the #1 league! If the Peoria Destroyers were still in Theta, I would have been very, very tempted to put them at #1. But, looking at it right now, it is an easy decision that Delta is stronger. Take nothing away from Theta, though, which is still leaps and bounds ahead of every other non-premier league, even Ocean Star. The Green Bay Brewers, Oceanside Waves, Vancouver Terrace Titans, Rochester Wings, Mayaguez PRnacionals, Louisville Colonels, Virginia Beach jimmies, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Chicago Atom Smashers, Springfield Eagles, Lexington RED ONIONS, and the upset kings, the Bellingham Reruns, make up an incredible top tier. This league is in, well, a league of its own, when it comes to depth of elite teams, matched and beaten only by the deserving kings of this list…

#1: Delta Premier! Delta reigns supreme! Get out your calculators, you will need them to count all these elite teams. Portland Cobras, Winnipeg Frost, Amarillo Tomahawks, Green Bay Kaukauna Foxes, Knoxville Smokies, Washington DBucs, Kure Kantai, Erie Spartans, San Diego Bombers, Cincinnati Reds, Toronto Cioccolatas, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, New York NYMets, Ontario Lightning, Buffalo Sabres, Grand Rapids BBBB. Wow. The loss of the Houston Ryan Express and Columbus Average Joes hurts, but it is a testament to this league's quality that they are still the best league in the game, and by some distance. One could argue the Theta Premier is stronger at the top, but the Delta undoubtedly has more depth and overall activity, which catapults it to the top of the list.

The Delta Premier is the best league in the game! All hail the Delta!!!!