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Power Rankings: January 13th, 2020
Jan 13th 2020 By Los Angeles Lions

1. Honolulu Shimikaze (36-1). We might be witnessing history, folks. The Shimikaze look almost unstoppable, with their only loss coming against a very strong New Orleans Hot Rods team. They are on pace to finish the season 58-2, which would set a new FB regular-season wins record (by two wins!) It is quite obvious that they are the #1 team in the world right now.
2. San Diego Bombers (32-5). The Bombers just know how to win, don’t they? It seems like they are always in the top 5 of these power rankings, and despite playing in the Delta Premier, they have the second-best record in the world and are well on pace for another 50-win season. It says something truly incredible about this team that 50-win seasons are becoming the standard. The league playoffs will be difficult, as always, but if they get through to the worlds, they will probably be the biggest threat to the Shimikaze.
3. Newark Boxers (30-6). The Boxers look much more mortal than the top two teams on this list, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. Ranking top-4 in the Alpha Ruby in all four major statistical categories, the Boxers have a great shot at making a deep playoff run.
4. Kure Kantai (30-7). The Kantai look like a very well-balanced, strong team, and the fact that they are in the top 6 in every major statistical category in the Delta Premier says a lot about how far this team has come in the past few seasons. They won the league title 2 of the past 3 seasons, and look like they could be on course for another one. Of course, the mighty San Diego Bombers stand in their way.
5. Oakland Athletics (30-7). The Athletics are currently on a 12-game winning streak and look like a very strong team. Ranking second in both runs scored and BA in the Alta Canyon, the Athletics have the bats to make some noise in the playoffs.
6. Columbus Average Joes (29-8). The Joes are dominant with hitting and shaky with pitching, as usual, despite major changes being made to the team this past offseason. They are still a top-level team, in both the Delta Premier and in the world. The Joes are yet another elite team looking to get out of the Delta Premier playoffs alive and then go all the way.
7. Hartford HTFD_Yankees (30-6). The Yankees, on an 8-game win streak, are the undisputed kings of hitting in the Alta Canyon, ranking first in both runs scored and BA. Their pitching, though, is well below average, and in such a weak league, that is quite concerning. Still, as teams like the Bombers, Average Joes, Golden Knights, and Monarchs have shown in the past, you don’t always need pitching to be a dominant team.
8. Peoria Destroyers (29-8). The Destroyers are arguably the best team in the Theta Premier and, ranking 2nd and 1st in BA and runs, respectively, they have what it takes to make a deep run into the world playoffs.
9. Spokane Warriors (29-8). The Warriors are built differently than most of the other top teams; they rely on pitching more than hitting. They rank 2nd in both ERA and WHIP but only 13th and 12th in BA and runs scored, respectively. Still, the Warriors’ ability to shut teams down makes them a dangerous opponent for anyone to face.
10. New Orleans Hot Rods (28-8). The main reason they made the top 10 is because they are the only team that has been able to beat the otherwise unstoppable Shimikaze. The Hot Rods have that extremely quality win, as well as lots of confidence due to a 13-game winning streak, going for them. Watch out.
11. Chicago Town (30-7)
12. Stamford Cardinals (29-7)
13. Boston Monarchs (28-9)
14. Buffalo Bisons (28-9)
15. Washington Bears (28-9)
16. Baltimore Orioles (27-10)
17. Knoxville Smokies (27-10)
18. Ann Arbor Wolves (28-9)
19. Columbus Buckeyes (29-8)
20. Mayaguez PRnacionals (27-10)
21. Seattle Marvols (27-10)
22. South Bend SLUMPBUSTERS (27-10)
23. San Jose Panthers (27-10)
24. St. Louis Mortys (27-10)
25. Plano Pineapples (27-10)

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