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Happy New Decade!

Jan 1st 2020 By Franchise Ball

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped support Franchise Ball over these last 10 years since its inception.  You all are part of a family here, and its been such a great experience to watch the game grow and evolve.  From the time when this game was just a little coding expiriment, to seeing it where it is now, and where it could be, I never would have guessed it could come so far!  Almost exactly 10 years ago, Franchise Ball was concieved whence I began work on the project, 3 years later in May of 2013 we launched.  A few of you veteran teams can remember that!  You guys are my friends, and I am so thankful you are still playing!  It has come such a long way.  I have poured my heart and soul into this project over the years, and our goal is still to make this the greatest baseball sim on the market, tailored for all of you veterans and newcomers!

I hope that this next decade we will see more growth, explosive growth hopefully!  New marketing efforts will be underway soon. There will be many new features coming down the pipeline.  It is heartwarming for me personally to see and hear from all of you who love this game, who login everyday, whom I have got to know personally even, who have helped study it and make it better with me.  Lets stick together, enhance the vision even more, and work on making it the best it can be.  This is my vision for Franchise Ball.

Thank you all again. And happy new decade from Franchise Ball!

- Josh
Founder and Architect

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