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Season 80 Pre-Playoff Power Rankings
Dec 21st 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

The Season 80 playoffs promise to be very entertaining, but before they get underway, let's take a look at some of the frontrunning teams. Here are the Season 80 Pre-Playoff Power Rankings!

1. San Diego Bombers. Could it be anybody else?? The Bombers look absolutely unstoppable, making a 53 win season in the elite Delta Premier league look easy. They are steamrolling through some of the best teams in the game, and there is no reason to believe that they will stop in the playoffs. This team has to be the favorite for the world title.
2. Ann Arbor Wolves. The Bombers' old rival comes in second, with an impressive 51-9 season. Despite the fact that they aren't in an elite league like the Bombers, you still have to respect this record. It's not easy to consistently win games, even against inferior opposition. 51 wins should strike fear into the heart of any potential opponent.
3. Boston Monarchs. The 49-11 Monarchs narrowly missed out on 50 wins and look like a major world title contender. If they didn't have to go through the Bombers in the league playoffs, they'd be a good team to bet on for a world title. The Monarchs can beat out for this team.
4. Las Veges Golden Knights. The 48-12 Golden Knights have been tearing it up in the Theta Premier League and, despite the league being stacked, as usual, have made themselves a clear frontrunner for the title. This team has been awesome to watch and could go all the way.
5. Spokane Warriors. They won their division by 16 games, have an ERA around 3.0, and have a WHIP of 0.92. This team can shut down anyone...except maybe the Bombers or Monarchs. If they do meet one of the elite offenses in the playoffs, expect a great game.
6. Wichita Studs. The Studs have an ERA of 2.7. 2.7!! Their WHIP of 0.94 is also incredible. Playing in a weak division certainly helped them out, but you have to respect those numbers.
7. New Orleans Hot Rods. Ranking top 5 in the Ocean Star in every single major stat (and top 3 in three of the four major stats), the Hot Rods have everything a team needs to be successful.
8. Los Angeles Angels. This young team is setting the Sudo Pluto on fire! You could be forgiven for not having heard of this team (or their league!) before, but you'd better get used to hearing their name. In only their second season, they are tied for #5 in the world rankings and have lots of potential to make a deep run this season.
9. Columbus Average Joes. Who needs pitching? It might as well become the team motto. You will never see another team in the power rankings (let alone the top 10) ranked outside the top 35 of their league in pitching (yes, outside of the top 35 in a 48-team league). I have no clue how their pitching is so bad, their scout ratings suggest that they should be much better. They probably figured out that they have one of the best offenses in the game to back them up, so they can slack off. The Joes can outscore anyone, and just imagine a Joes-Bombers or Joes-Monarchs battle in the Delta Premier playoffs. We probably will get one of the two, and I'd be willing to bet that the game would have more than 20 runs on the scoreboard.
10. Little Rock Cougars. The Cougars are first in BA and second in runs scored in the Beta Compass and finished the season winning 14 of their last 15. Nobody wants to face these guys.
11. Aguadilla Sin Meido
12. Daly City Admirals
13. Buffalo Bisons
14. Honolulu Shimikaze
15. Kansas City Royals0
16. Stanford Demo Yankees
17. Los Angeles Tanks
18. Atlanta THE DUKES
19. Calgary Fire Birds
20. Tulsa Tornados
21. Peoria Destroyers
22. Hartford HTFD_YANKEES
23. Oakland Athletics
24. Concord Champion
25. Anchorage polarbears

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