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Congratulations, Admirals!

Nov 2nd 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

The Daly City Admirals have won the Season 78 World Series!!

A very well-deserved victory for a young team with a very bright future, the Admirals fought off stiff competition all throughout the season and the playoffs to emerge at the top of the dogpile at the end of the 24th of the month.

Representing the Beta Compass in the world playoffs, the Admirals defeated the Cleveland Indians, 9-8, in 11 innings after giving up 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to allow the Indians to force extra innings. However, a three-run homer in the top of the 11th gave them the advantage, and the Indians almost came back again with a 2-run homer of their own, but they couldn't manage another run, and they fell short.

Things didn't get any easier in the world semifinals for the Admirals, who had to face the #2 team in the world, the Peoria Destroyers. The Destroyers had destroyed everyone in their path up until this game, but the Admirals showed incredible resilience and managed to score a run in both the 7th and 8th inning to force extra innings. They scored 3 runs in the top of the 10th and it looked like they had one foot in the world series, but the Destroyers fought back and scored three runs of their own. So, to the 11th inning they went. Would the Admirals be punished for their inability to put the game away?

The answer turned out to be a resounding no, as the Admirals scored two runs in the 11th and this time, managed to get the final three outs to upset the Peoria Destroyers, 8-6, and make the World Series.

Their opponents were none other than the 50-10, #1-ranked Phildelphia RipXXX. The RipXXX won the first game of the Series, 7-5, thanks to an incredible comeback in the 9th inning, scoring 4 runs. The Admirals had given up a lead in every game of the world playoffs so far, and now, with their backs against the wall, it looked like they would finally be made to pay for their lack of composure in the late innings.

However, they ground out a thrilling 9-8 victory in Game 2 thanks to a late-inning rally of their own, in a game with plenty of twists and turns. The stage was set. Game 3, for all the marbles. Admirals vs RipXXX. Which of these two impressive young teams would taste victory for the first time?

The Admirals would, in somewhat anticlimactic fashion, destroy the RipXXX, 9-2, and they never looked to be in danger of losing. It was a thoroughly convincing performance, and in a World Series where nothing came easy, the Admirals made Game 3 against the number one team in the world look pretty easy.

It was a very well-deserved victory, and you could argue that every game in the Admirals’ world playoff run, except for game 3 of the World Series, was a thriller. The Admirals won the greatest prize in Franchise Ball, but not without causing some heart attacks for fans along the way.

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