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Power Rankings: October 7th

Oct 8th 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

Roughly one-third of the way through the regular season, some teams have already begun to distance themselves from the pack. As the season goes on, the differences between contenders and pretenders will make themselves more obvious, but for now, let's take a look at what we know so far about who is on top of the world in today's power rankings.

1. Peoria Destroyers (19-2). With an amazing record of 19-2, on pace for 54 wins this season, the Destroyers are tearing through the Theta Premier, as usual, with their much-feared offense. This team always seems to be dominant in both the regular season and the playoffs, and this season is no exception. If you play the Destroyers...prepare to be destroyed.
2. Springfield Eagles (18-3). Another team impressing in the Theta Premier is the Springfield Eagles. Currently on pace for 51 wins and on an 8-game winning streak, nobody wants to face this team right now.
3. Atlanta BLACKSOX (18-3). The BLACKSOX boast a team batting average of .352 and a total of 180 runs scored, both of which are good enough to lead the Alpha Ruby. Despite playing in arguably one of the toughest divisions in the game, the BLACKSOX are killing it right now.
4. Sunnyvale Clouds (17-4). The Clouds make up the third Theta Premier team in the top-4 of this season's power rankings, and for good reason. They play in the toughest division and the toughest league in the game, yet they continue to find ways to win. This team is something special.
5. Buffalo Bisons (18-3). Somewhat uncharacteristically, it's the Bisons' offense that has struggled and their pitching that has dominated so far this season to get them to where they are. The Bisons rank 1st in the Alta Canyon in both ERA and WHIP, showing just how dominant their pitching has been.
6. Boston Monarchs (17-4). The Monarchs always have a great offense, and this season is no exception. They led the Delta Premier in runs scored and are ranked second in team BA with a BA of .365. Pitchers beware.
7. Hartford HTFD_YANKEES (17-4). The Evil Empire is back. The Yankees lead the Alta Canyon in both BA and runs scored, showing how impressive their offense has been. This team is hungry for another world title…and it looks like they could be on their way, if they can keep this up.
8. Savannah Bananas (18-3). It takes a lot to lead the division of the defending world champs by 3 games after 21 games have been played, but the Bananas have done just that. Ranking in the top 3 for every single stat in the Epsilon Basin, this Bananas team is no joke.
9. Philadelphia RipXXX (17-4). The RipXXX rank second in the Ocean Star in both ERA and WHIP, and their pitching staff should be feared by everyone. In an era of dominating offenses in FB, the RipXXX are dominating the old-fashioned way: shutdown pitching.
10. San Diego Bombers (16-5). The Bombers have scored the second-most runs in the Delta Premier and also rank 4th in team BA. As usual, the team is living up to its name with some of the best hitting in FB. Watch out, world.
11. Baltimore Orioles (16-5)
12. San Jose Panthers (17-4)
13. St. Louis Ricks (17-4)
14. Yonkers River Rats (16-5)
15. Arlington Sharks (17-4)
16. Houston Nightcrawlers (16-5)
17. Las Vegas Golden Knights (15-6)
18. Aguadilla Cucaraches (16-5)
19. Los Angeles Lions (15-6)
20. Columbus Average Joes (15-6)
21. Oakland Athletics (15-6)
22. Atlanta Caneros (15-6)
23. Stamford Cardinals (16-5)
24. Ann Arbor Legacy Wolves (15-6)
25. St. Louis Birds on a Bat (15-6)

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