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Congratulations Warriors!

Aug 31st 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

The Spokane Warriors defeated the Philadelphia RipXXX in 2 games to claim the Season 76 World Series title, putting them on level terms with the elite Chicago Dolphins with 4 World Titles! They also have twice as many world titles as every other active team right now. What a dynasty!

The Warriors, still only 33 seasons old, have undoubtedly cemented their place in the Franchise Ball history books. 4 world titles in 33 seasons is absolutely incredible, and even though the Dolphins got 4 world titles in 23 seasons, the Warriors have every chance to continue fighting for glory and dethrone the Dolphins. If the Warriors get a 5th world title, surely they will be considered the best team in Franchise Ball history! They have built a truly special franchise, and their owner fully deserves to be praised.

Credit must also be given, though, to the Philadelphia RipXXX, who made it to the big show in just their 6th season and put up a great fight against the Goliath of modern Franchise Ball. In the first game of the series, they came back from being down 7-4 to take the lead, 9-7, going into the bottom of the ninth. It looked like an upset was on the cards, and as long as the RipXXX could close the game out, they would get 2 shots at beating the Warriors to win the world series! But, the Warriors rallied back, and in truly incredible fashion (and absolute heartbreak for Philadelphia) the Warriors scored 3 runs thanks to a Quinton Kingsley walk-off home run that sent the home fans into pandemonium! The game finished 10-9, and looking back on it, it could very well have been one of the best world series games ever.

In game 2, though, the Warriors didn't need nearly that much drama. In a very strong all-around performance, they defeated the RipXXX 8-3 to clinch their 4th World Series title!!

The World Series MVP was named 34-year old 3B Montez Rubio, with a 5 / 8 batting line, 3 RBI, and 2 HRs! What a performance from the veteran!

The Warriors are killing it in the playoffs on a regular basis, and plaudits must be given to their owner. However, the rest of the world needs to get do we beat the Warriors?

Authored by Los Angeles Lions

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