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New membership upgrades now here

Aug 29th 2019 By Franchise Ball

We've revamped our draft opening it up to free users!  Basic and Premium users will get 2 and 3 picks per season respectively.  Draft will now feature notifications and alerts as well.

New feature modifications include : 5 trades per season for Basic members.  6 contract grants for basic now.  2 draft picks for Basic, 3 for Premium.  Game currency price multiplier for subscribers!  Basic members will get 1.5 x (50%) more funds for winning titles, Premium members will get 2x the funds.  (for example, winning your division as a premium member will reap 2 million instead of just 1, World series champs will now get 30 million!  instead of 15 with premium)

We hope you enjoy these new changes.  Make sure to check out our new membership grid.  A few other bugs related to game user interface have been resolved as well.  Good luck in season 77!

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