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Season 76 Power Rankings
Aug 19th 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

As we head toward the playoffs, some teams have separated themselves from the pack as forces to be reckoned with this season, putting up consistently impressive performances up to this point. Who is on top of the Franchise Ball World Power Rankings dogpile? Let's find out.

1. New England Revolution.  44-5. 44-5. 44-5. That's all you need to know. Go back home to whatever planet you came from, Revolution, and let the Earthlings battle it out here. The Revs have been, to put it lightly, otherworldly, this season. They are just 6 wins away from finishing 55-5, just one win shy of the FB single-season wins record!! Wow. Even with so many other elite teams this season, this was an easy choice. If you face this team in the playoffs...good luck. You'll need it.

2. San Diego Bombers. The Bombers are only a measly 46-8, which is not as impressive when you compare it to the Revolution, but take nothing away from this special Bombers team. This has been a season to remember. They have already clinched their division title and it is possible that they will deny two 40-win teams from making the playoffs this season. It also looks likely that they will hit 50 wins, and 50 wins in the Delta Premier is insane. Could the Bombers be on a course to get their second world title? It's hard to bet against them, the way that they are playing right now.

3. Yonkers River Rats. At 47-7 and leading their division by a whopping 21 games (we won't mention that nobody else in their division has a winning record) it's safe to say the River Rats are the team to beat this year in the Alpha Ruby. It's easy to overlook them with so many teams on course for 50 wins this season, but this River Rats team is the real deal. As they proved last season, underestimate them at your own risk. The reigning world champs are going for a repeat.

4. Sendai Night Ambush. Formerly the Orange Autumn Drizzles, the Ambush are 45-9, coming off of a historic 25-game win streak, and with 5 wins from their last 6 games, they can hit 50 wins in the Delta Premier, just like the Bombers. This is very impressive, and they look very capable of dominating the playoffs. I'm already licking my lips at the prospect of a Bombers-Ambush league championship game.

5. Sunnyvale Clouds. The 45-9 Clouds still haven't clinched their division yet, but they have been insane this season. They, too, can rack up 50 wins this season with 5 wins from their next 6 games. The only reason they haven't punched their ticket to the playoffs as the #1 seed are their league rivals, the Peoria Destroyers (more on them later) and division rival Charlotte PRNacionals (them as well).

6. Peoria Destroyers. The Destroyers, as usual, are tearing it up in the Theta Premier and whether the PRNacionals or the Clouds win the Northeast, the Destroyers pose a huge threat to either of them in the playoffs. Similarly to the Bombers and Ambush, if the Destroyers face the Clouds or the PRnacionals in the league championship, there will be fireworks.

7. Boston Monarchs. At 44-10, the always elite Boston Monarchs are making yet another run at 50 wins and despite the Delta Premier having even more elite competition than usual this season, the Monarchs continue to thrive and they will always be a threat for the Bombers, Ambush, and everyone else in the league. Watch out...the Monarchs want their crown.

8. Charlotte PRNacionals. The PRNacionals have stayed tight with the high-flying Sunnyvale Clouds all season, and that is a heck of an accomplishment.  They also handed the Clouds their first loss and have been slowly but surely gaining ground on them throughout the season after the Clouds' 21-game win streak was snapped in the 22nd game of the season. This division race is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Imagine if this division sees two teams finish with 50 wins. Just imagine. The 44-10 PRnacionals will be hoping for a perfect end to the season for themselves, and a couple slip-ups from the Clouds, if they want to make the playoffs. Wow, the drama.

9. Baltimore Orioles. The 44-10 Orioles also have a shot at 50 wins (wow, that's 9 that a record??) And despite the fact that they aren't in an elite league, their ability to consistently dominate their clearly inferior competition has to be respected, as some teams (cough cough LA Lions cough cough) haven't been able to do that this season. I like the Orioles' team this year and I reckon they could make the world playoffs, and possibly go even farther.

10. Spokane Warriors. more 50-win-bound teams. Still, take nothing away from the Warriors. Don't forget that they have the most world titles of any active team, and like a sleeping tiger, they could rise at any time and just start destroying everyone again. Granted, that won't by easy this season, with 9 teams on the brink of historic 50-win seasons, but this is the team that won 2 WS's in a row, and 3 WS appearances in a row. Anything is possible. NEVER bet against the Warriors.

11. Hartford HTFD_Yankees (42-12)
12. Philadelphia RipXXX (42-12)
13. Columbus Average Joes (40-14)
14. Toronto Vanilla Ice (40-14)
15. Hollywood Hollies (41-13)
16. Calgary Fire Birds (40-14)
17. Kansas City Royals0 (41-13)
18. Oakland Athletics (39-15)
19. Honolulu Island Winds (39-15)
20. Houston Nightcrawlers (39-15)
21. Chicago Atom Smashers (39-15)
22. St. Louis Birds on a Bat (39-15)
23. Tokyo Kajuus (39-15)
24. New York ballers (41-13)
25. Buffalo Bisons (38-16)

- Authored by Los Angeles Lions

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