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The Lions Den
Aug 1st 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

Do you have questions about the game that you want answered?
Do you want to learn about strategy in Franchise Ball, from everything to financial management to in-game management?
Do you want to ask my opinion on some of the biggest debate questions in Franchise Ball, for instance: Which league is the best?

Then you'll be very excited about this.

Introducing...the Lions' Den!!!

The new article where the Los Angeles Lions will answer your questions about Franchise Ball. Again, they can be about anything, from strategy, to my opinion on leagues and divisions, to what I love most about the game.

If you want your question to be included in the next issue of the Lions' Den, send me a PM with your question and let me know that it is for the Lions' Den. If you want to be anonymous, let me know. If you don't, I will include your team name in the Lions' Den article when I answer your question.

You can send me multiple questions in one message. Just be aware that there is a limit of 2 questions per team for each Lions' Den article. You can send me as many as you want at once, but they will simply be broken up into different articles if you send me more than two.

Each article will come out when I receive 5 questions. This means that the more questions you send me, the more articles I will make!

I can't wait to start answering your questions!

- Authored by Los Angeles Lions

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