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River Rats World Champs
Jul 24th 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

The Yonkers River Rats are world champions!!!

The Rats defeated the Chicago Atom Smashers in two games, 7-4, 3-2, to win their first world title, and the second for their owner, who won it all with the Peoria Destroyers in Season 72.

The Atom Smashers were having an incredible season, having defeated the likes of the Sunnyvale Clouds (#1 seed in the wildcard), New Orleans Hot Rods (best pitching team in Ocean Star), Atlanta Caneros ($1.1 billion team value), Los Angeles Lions (Alta Canyon champions), Boston Monarchs (47-13, Delta Premier champions), and Little Rock Cougars (47-13, Beta Compass champions). Quite a run, eh? Even more impressive, the Atom Smashers were third in their division and the #8 seed in the wildcard! They barely even made the playoffs, yet now here they were, taking Franchise Ball by storm, beating some of the very best teams in the game on their way to their first ever world series. It looked like they were destined to follow in the footsteps of the great Raleigh Diamondbucs, winning the World Series as the #8 seed in the wildcard. Only one obstacle stood in their way: the Yonkers River Rats.

And what an obstacle they proved to be.

The River Rats were having an amazing season themselves, finishing the regular season 44-16 and beating the Sumner Scapegoats (44-16), the Spokane Warriors (48-12, 3 time world champ [most world titles of any active team]), the Hartford Wolverines (41-19), the Buffalo bigcats (Ocean Star champions), and the Victoria Vernon Vipers (43-17, Epsilon Peak champions).

It promised to be a great world series, and it didn't disappoint. We were treated to two games of great, high-quality baseball. The River Rats put on a clinic for how to build a World Series-winning team. They had the offense they needed to win game 1, scoring 7 runs, and they also had the pitching they needed to win a tight game 2, 3-2. It was a great performance from a great team run by a great owner, and the River Rats thoroughly deserve their championship. As for the Atom Smashers, it was an amazing run that will never be forgotten by the team, and by Franchise Ball as a whole. The Atom Smashers, who went into the playoffs as arguably the weakest team (worst record of all the non-division winners who made the playoffs) made it all the way to the world series. Yet another piece of proof that in the playoffs, anything can happen. Great teams find ways to get wins, even when they aren't having the best season, and the Atom Smashers got hot at the right time and made a run that nobody will be forgetting any time soon.

Congratulations to both of you on amazing seasons, and way to go on your second championship in the past four seasons to the owner of the Destroyers/River Rats franchise.

Authored by Los Angeles Lions

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