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Season Rankings By Bisons

Jul 8th 2019 By Franchise Ball

Here are the season rankings according to the Bisons.  Although, we are working on support so teams can post their own articles via a publish feed. Cheers

(1) Buffalo Bisons [15-1] – Really hard to not have them #1 at this point. Even with a disappointing start for their pitching staff their revamped offense has started the season off #1 in Delta.

(2) New Orleans Hot Rods [14-2] – New Orleans really has an all around solid team. Being top 7 in batting average, runs, era, and whip, they should be favorites to win Ocean Star.

(3) PRnacionals [14-2] – This season Charlotte has continued the score more runs than the other team strategy and it’s worked quite well for them. despite a 6+ ERA their .385 batting average and 159 runs have well made up for it.

(4) Birds On a Bat [14-2] – The pitching of Isaacs and Mcduffie have led them to an impressive start.

(5)Wichita Studs [13-3] – Their pitching has been incredible. A 2.589 era a quarter into the season is no joke. Their top three pitchers have an era of 2.132 and below.

(6) Peoria Destroyers [12-4] – A perennial contender Peoria has no business being much lower than this. Their lineup is stacked with talent that would play on any team.

(7) Chicago Winners [12-4] – The defending world champs haven’t been incredible but the roster is possibly the best ratings wise in the entire game. Daryl Frazier and Garrett Padgett have held down the fort making up for tough starts by other star players

(8) Madison Speed Demons [13-3] – Two words: Speed and pitching. The Speed Demons are all about, well, speed. They’re shaping up for a great season 75. The pitching has been elite as well highlighted by the .67 era of Jerold Robles.

(9) Chicago Franchise [12-4] – This team is scary good and could be a lot higher in this list. This relatively new owner has built himself a juggernaut. They are filled to the brim with talented players.

(10) San Diego Bombers [12-4] – And rounding out the top ten is San Diego. The Bombers have hung in this season despite mediocre bats. Glenn Jacobson has stepped up as the best pitcher on the staff.

(11) Boston Monarchs [12-4]

(12) Hollywood Hollies [12-4]

(13) Island Winds [11-5]

(14) Average Joes [11-4]

(15) Philadelphia RipXXX [12-4]

(16) Seattle Marvols [12-4]

(17) Golden Knights [11-5]

(18) Lafayette Ragin Cajuns [12-4]

(19) Sunnyvale Clouds [12-4]

(20) Little Rock Cougars [14-2]

(21) New York NYMETS [13-3]

(22) Mesa Foofighters [11-5]

(23) New Orleans Gamblers [14-2]

(24) Sumner Scapegoats [13-3]

(25) Bellingham Reruns [12-4]

Authored by Buffalo Bisons

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