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Congratulations Orioles!
May 25th 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

A huge congratulations to the Baltimore Orioles, champions of the Season 73 World Series!

In a thrilling 3-game series where they came back from being down 1 game to 0 after the first game, the Baltimore Orioles earned their second world title, and nobody can say they don't deserve it. A longtime member, playing since season 20, the Orioles have always done a great job with building their team and they have recently got their reward, with 2 world titles in the past 10 seasons. They join the ranks of the elite Chicago Dolphins, Spokane Warriors, New York Nitro, Tampa Thunder Doggs, Seattle Marvols, Hartford HTFD_Yankees, Waco LongStarBaseball, Cincinnati Reds, Madison Players, and Toronto Smoke Eaters, as the 11th team to win 2 world titles.

The series lived up to all of the hype, with the WINNERS starting off very well, with a 7-2 win in the first game. Triple 90 ace Jimmy Edward tore through the Orioles, holding them to just 2 runs and 4 hits, and the Orioles' pitching had no answer for the WINNERS' hitting.

The second game was very tense and close throughout, but the Orioles managed to win to stay alive in the series, 5-4, and they forced a deciding game 3. It would all come down to one game...all of Franchise Ball watching...which one of these elite, equally deserving franchises will come out on top?

The Orioles struck first in the second inning with an RBI double immediately followed by a 2-run homer. They added one more run in the 4th with a solo homer. It was 4-0, and the WINNERS were gonna need another of their famous comebacks. It looked like they might have a chance to get it-in the top of the 5th, star LF Frederick Bell hit a 2-run shot, and the belief was back. It was 4-2.

However, after that, the Orioles' offense just really turned it on. The WINNERS had no answer for the Orioles' offense, and the Orioles scored 8 runs in the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings combined. The WINNERS put up 3 of their own with a 3-run homer by Addison Fallon in the 7th, and another homer, this time by Cruz Staples, to drive in two runs. However, it ultimately wasn't enough. Reliever Frederick Dominquez came in for the end of the 7th and the 8th inning and did a good job, holding the Orioles to 1 hit and 0 runs, but the damage had been done. The Orioles won, 12-7, putting up an impressive 17 hits, compared to the WINNERS' 9. The Orioles' offense reigned supreme over the WINNERS' triple 90 pitchers, and that was the difference in this series. All the games were exciting, and on behalf of all of Franchise Ball, I would like to congratulate both of these teams on amazing seasons! It really is too bad there could only be one winner, they both deserved it so much. Congratulations on #2, Orioles, and WINNERS, keep working hard-you'll get another shot!

Authored by the Los Angeles Lions

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