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Season 73 Mid-Season Report

May 11th 2019 By Los Angeles Lions

Season 73 has just about reached its halfway point, so let's take a look at what has been happening this season! This article we will take a look at each league, one by one. I will discuss one thing that surprised us, a favorite to lift the league trophy, and a possible dark-horse in the playoffs. At the end of the article, I will make my world series predictions!

Alpha Ruby: This competitive league has a lot of competitive races going on, with 5 of its 8 divisions having 3 teams within 3 games at the top. The Scapegoats and Caneros, Average Joes and Wolverines, FooFighters and Warriors (yes, you read that right, arguably the best two teams in FB are in the same division), Marvols and DUKES, and the WhalerHawks and Flames will be battling it out for the rest of the season.

One thing that surprised us: Big-name teams being challenged. Not just the FooFighters and Warriors, but the Atlanta Caneros, Columbus Average Joes, and the Seattle Marvols have all been challenged in their respective divisions this season by lesser-known teams that are putting together a great season. Watch out, big dawgs-you'll have to be at your best to make the playoffs again this year.

Favorite to lift the trophy: This is a tough league to predict because I can't bank on either the Warriors or FooFighters because there's no guarantee they will even make the playoffs, as crazy as that sounds, and the Average Joes, another strong team, are in a tough division race too. I have to say, the favorite looks like the Yonkers River Rats. They have a strong team and have a 5 game lead atop their division. I can't see them blowing that, and at #18 in the world right now, they have a good shot at lifting their second league title trophy in 3 seasons.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: How bout them Free Players? Dubbed the "luckiest team in Franchise Ball" by their own owner, who's to say the #10-ranked team in the world won't somehow, against all belief, continue that luck and make another improbable playoff run? Of course, they are technically a dead team now, but it's not like dead teams haven't made playoff runs before.

Alta Canyon:

One thing that surprised us: The Austin Blues. How about these boys. After having practically their whole team taken away in bidding, they lead the recent WS champion Honolulu Bad News Bears and are currently ranked #15 in the world. Not only that, but they are 7 days inactive. Huh. Surprising to say the least. We will have to wait and see if they can keep this up.

Favorite to lift the trophy: Could it be anyone other than the Honolulu Island Winds? The WS runner-up from last season is having yet another great season and has built a simply incredible core of both hitting and pitching. The Winds are top-4 in their league in every stat and ranked #3 in the world at the moment. Watch out.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: Oakland Athletics. It's hard to call the #9 team in the world a dark horse, but they are so often overlooked and underestimated, and I feel like this team is due for a big year. Maybe they don't win, but I could see them making a deep run.

Beta Compass:

One thing that surprised us: The San Jose Panthers. Holy cow. 26-3, #1 in the world. Who saw this coming, raise your hand? OK, put your hand down, you're lying. The Panthers are a solid, experienced team, but they've never had more than 47 wins in a season and they've never won a world series. Could this finally be their year? They have been playing incredibly well, but can they keep it up through the playoffs?

Favorite to lift the trophy: Once again, it's the Panthers. Who else could it be? They are having the season of a lifetime so far, but again, the question is, can this team keep up the pace throughout the playoffs?

Dark-horse in the playoffs: San Francisco Nauti Ladies. OK, hear me out. Ignore the name, ignore the forums, which are fortunately gone. Thanks again for that, Winners. This team is 19-10 and look like a safe bet to win their division. Their pitching is 6th in their league in ERA and 4th in WHIP. Not bad. This team can shut down opponents and has came close to making quite a few upsets. This team is a long shot, but as we saw at the Kentucky Derby (and in the Franchise Ball playoffs every season!), odds and probability mean nothing. Anything can happen.

Delta Premier:

One thing that surprised us: Honorable mentions to the Halifax Kantai, Rochester Spoofly, and the division race in the North, but this has to go to the Grand Rapids BBBB. A team that is very rarely in the spotlight and accustomed to either missing the playoffs or being eliminated early, the BBBB are having a heck of a season thus far. 24-5 and #2 in the world is awesome, and maybe this is their season to get their first league title since Season 52.

Favorite to lift the trophy: Boston Monarchs. The defending league champs are hungry for more after an early exit from the first round of the world playoffs last season, and their hitting is just something special. Ranked 1st in both BA and runs scored yet again, this team is special. Who needs pitching? The 22-7, #9-ranked Monarchs are tearing the league apart with their hitting, and they look poised to continue that through the playoffs.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: Orange Autumn Drizzles. This team is a textbook dark horse. Not too well known, not very highly ranked in anything, but quietly and strongly marching towards the playoffs. They have some good wins under their belt recently, against the Kaukauna Foxes, NYMets, and LA Lions, and this team can beat anyone if they hit their stride.

Echo Prism:

One thing that surprised us: The freaking team names. Just read em...I mean, wow. Don't ask what half of them are supposed to mean. "NikBrassy"? "Poos"? "No u"? "RWABTY"? "BRnoooo"? "lemonwedge"? "Mazuelvor"? And that's just 3 divisions...come on now.

Favorite to lift the trophy: I don't know anything about the teams in this league, so I'll just Maddogs. Beating the Chicago WINNERS 18-16 is incredible, especially since they beat their triple 90. Oh wait, every WINNERS pitcher is a triple 90. Still, impressive hitting. Go Dogs!

Dark-horse in the playoffs: The Gainesville Gators. Don't ask why I went with them, I genuinely have no clue who to choose for this league.

Epsilon Peak:

One thing that surprised us: The lack of competition within divisions. Ignoring the divisions full of teams with less than 15 games played this season, there is only one somewhat close division race this season, out of 5 divisions. This is surprising, because there are some good teams in this league, but they all seem to be in different divisions.

Favorite to lift the trophy: Vancouver Kits Crunch. I didn't even know this team existed, to be honest with you, before doing this article, but what a team they are. This is a solid team with a really well-rounded roster. 23-6 and #3 in the world, I think they can do some real damage these playoffs.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: New Orleans Gamblers. Another newer, lesser-known team with a solid roster. The Gamblers specialize in pitching and have some pretty good starters. If they can shut teams down and get a couple runs of their own, they can pull some upsets.

Laxo Marble:

One thing that surprised us: The fact that this league even exists. Only 2 divisions and 10 teams, and the name...come on now. There aren't enough teams in this league to say anything about it and I don't think they will even have a playoffs; all their teams have played 0 games and will not be able to play 40 games this season. So yeah, no playoffs for this league. Next.

Ocean Star:

One thing that surprised us: The parity. This league has 9 teams with 19 wins or more (which means 9 teams in the top 64 in the world) but none with more than 23. This league is truly up for grabs this season; lots of good teams but no clear favorite.

Favorite to lift the trophy: However, if I had to pick one, it's gotta be the New York Beatles. Formerly known as the St. Louis Knights, the reigning league champions are having another great season at 22-8 and are currently #15 in the world. This team has elite pitching, well above average hitting, and by scout ratings alone (which we know don't tell the whole story), this team SHOULD be the favorites. Should.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: Las Vegas Golden Knights. I know they have the same exact record as the Beatles, but what did I say? Parity. There are no true "favorites" in this league. However, the Knights, after two straight seasons of playoff disappointment, have built a really strong roster, and their hitting, in particular, is really clicking. The top-ranked team in their league in both BA and runs scored, the Knights are currently 7 games ahead in their division and on a 10 game win streak, as well. As the moment, this is a hot team that nobody wants to play.

Theta Premier:

One thing that surprised us: Struggling giants. In particular, the Chicago WINNERS and Peoria Destroyers, widely regarded as the two kings of this league. The reigning world champion Destroyers are only 19-11 and #64 in the world, and the WINNERS have that same record and are 3 games back in their division. The WINNERS' well known killer triple 90 rotation has struggled recently, especially when Jimmy Edward let up 18 runs against the Maddogs (remember that name?).

Favorite to lift the trophy: Not the WINNERS or Destroyers, for once. I'll go for the Green Bay Brewers. At 24-6 and #3 in the world, their team (especially their pitching, ranked 2nd in both ERA and WHIP) is having a season to remember. This team seems due for a league title, and I could definitely see them getting it this season.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: San Francisco gamechangers. They lead the WINNERS in their division, and although there is no guarantee they will keep that lead, they are looking really good right now, at 22-8, and they are a team that can beat anyone. Their pitching has really made strides recently and despite struggling recently, you'd be foolish to count these boys out come playoff time.

Zeno Horizon:

One thing that surprised us: The Chicago Franchise. A brand new, no-name team has seemingly morphed into an elite world title contender overnight. The 22-8, #15-ranked Franchise have an incredible rotation, led by two triple 90s pitchers, Fredrick Mendoza and Asher Atwell. Couple their incredible team with playing in a weak league, and you've got the formula for an elite team with many world playoff opportunities for years to come. Keep your eye on this team.

Favorite to lift the trophy: Who else could it be? The Chicago Franchise's team is otherworldly, and especially considering the short time they have been on Franchise Ball, you have to respect the work that their manager has put into it. If nothing substantial changes about this league, I could see them winning the league title this season...then next season...then the season after that. They're that good.

Dark-horse in the playoffs: The 21-9 DC Dubs have a decent team themselves, and despite being not as active, their team doesn't seem to need a manager. Their pitching has been really solid and they are top-10 in every stat. On a good day, this team can beat anyone.

So, there it is...the Season 73 Mid-Season Report! I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and no, I didn't forget...the part that you really wanted to are my predictions for the world series.

New York Beatles over San Jose Panthers, 2-0, 5-8, 5-3.

Yup...the Beatles are finally gonna get their first World Title. Of course, my predictions are never right, but who knows, maybe that will change this season. I really think they deserve it, and I also think the Panthers deserve to at least make it to the big show. We'll have to see what happens, anything is possible, and we are in for a wild ride for the second half of this season. Good luck to everyone!!

Authored by the Los Angeles Lions

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