Franchise Information
Flying Squirrels
Ownership Samuel Collinsworth
Established Dec 1 2020
Total Value $ 0
World Titles 0
No teams currently owned Franchise Profile
About Owner
My name is Sam Collinsworth and I am based out of Missouri.
About Franchise
World Titles:

League Titles: 10

Division Titles: 14

Rhett Beltran Award:
Douglas Christmas RP (Season 98)

Apocada-Chapa Award:
Gage Gill SS (Season 97)

Hall of Fame Players:
Vincent Coble (Season 93-100)

Lawrence Moyer CF (Season 97)
Frankie Rushing CF (Season 97)
Douglas Christmas RP (Season 98)
Koby Davis C (Season 99)
Gage Gill SS (Season 99, 100)
Cooper Earle 1B (Season 103)
Cristian Chappell (Season 103)
Declan Severson (Season 104)