Franchise Information
Taco kings
Ownership Simi Fehoko
Established Sep 10 2019
Total Value $ 20,700,000
World Titles 0
Team Portfolio
Est. Season 77 (29th season)
Seasons 77-88, 90-92, 94-98, 101-103, 117-122
Value    $ 20,700,000
World Rank    251
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles7  (120, 119, 118, ...)
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About Owner
A taco lover, he acquired the cyclones by winning many taco eating contests. Known for his love of food, he only hires people who consume a lot of tacos, which is one of the reasons why he is known for slow teams. With what they lack in speed they make up for in chemistry.
About Franchise
Da playoff chokers