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Cream of Ice
Ownership Jalevutos Herodotus VanIlliams
Established Aug 23 2019
Total Value $ 0
World Titles 0
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About Owner
Jalevutos VanIlliams is a guy who is just weird. Friends include Casey Julio Juan former owner of the zooemonkeychunks, Paco, Lukito, and that guy who said I love refrigerators. By the way, I hate the abbreviation btw. His middle name (Herostratus) has the same name as the person who burnt down the Temple of Artemis to get his name remembered in history.
About Franchise
Jalevutos Cream of Ice is a little known restaurant in Fresno California but we call it Franznickel Callybornwhale. We sell ice cream cream cream cream cream cream. We are a branch of Pacos Tacos a taco restaurant near the border. We ally ourselves with Buick Honda Toyota Mitsubishi Dodge and Jeep. We detest Ford, Mercedes-Benz Chrysler and especially Chevrolet and Cadillac and especially that traitor Acura we shall have our revenge. We are always hiring send me a message if u wish 2 become and employee. Former employees include Jeb Reginald, Cretin Lobster, and our mascot Mr. Yagit (Jojo Jojoanson) for committing multiple federal crimes and r now in state penitentiary. Peter Pettigrew is also dead he was strangled by Voldymortar probably because he left him 2 work here.