Franchise Information
Soaring Birds
Ownership ZimTheNon
Established Apr 12 2019
Total Value $ 10,100,000
World Titles 0
Team Portfolio
Est. Season 72 (57th season)
Seasons 72-128
Value    $ 10,100,000
World Rank    314
World Titles0 League Titles1  (108) Division Titles14  (111, 110, 109, ...)
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About Franchise
The Toronto Blue Jays were created in April of 2019. They have been working hard to come to where they are today. Though they have been in the Beta Compass most of their time at FB they are now in Alpine Sound with the strong Buffalo Bisons in their division. This team has ranged from different seasons to having power, speed etc. Right now they are trying to get high speed and a top-notch bullpen them being the 2nd best in Beta in Season 85. If the player is not fast and they do not have the power you will not find them on the Blue Jays. Though the team has been around for only a bit they are ready to play great games all around the world.

Player Legends That Are/Were on Their Team

Franco Ramos
Paccaro Jimnez