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Austin Howdys
Ownership Rhett McCormick
Established Nov 17 2022
Total Value $ 0
World Titles 0
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About Owner
Rhett McCormick has been a dedicated Baseball fan all his life. This Texas rancher decided to start a Baseball team using the money from his family's successful cattle ranch just outside Austin TX. Along with ranching and owning a Baseball team Rhett is also a pastor at a local church. He has been a Christian all his life. #HowdyUp
About Franchise
The Austin Howdys were the brainchild of successful rancher Rhett McCormick. The Howdys were named after Mr.
McCormick's favorite greeting. They play on McCormick Cattle Ranch Field which is on the McCormick Ranch. The stadium is known for the Country Music Concerts held before the games and the fresh steak made right at the park! #HowdyUp