Franchise Information
Ownership Rafael Watson
Established Sep 9 2022
Total Value $ 144,250,000
World Titles 0
Team Portfolio
Est. Season 113 (7th season)
Value    $ 144,250,000
World Rank    166
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles0
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About Owner
Rafael Watson is a studious man who can multitask just about anything. When it comes to him, his motto is either go big or go home. He likes to invest in the big time players and isn't afraid of being outbidded by bigger teams. He cares about each and every one of his players. When its their time to leave the team, whether is retirement or being released/traded, they will always be apart of the Tires family.
About Franchise
The Tires franchise is a balanced team on offense, with some people having power, some having contact, and others just having pure speed and defense. They're all unique in their ways, and there is not someone with similar ratings as the other. On the other hand, the pitching rotation doesn't focus on control (except for a few players) but instead on the other three areas of pitching. This team is currently struggling, but they are not a bad team. They need to find out how to play well as a team