Franchise Information
Ownership Nathan
Established Feb 2 2022
Total Value $ 35,460,000
World Titles 0
Team Portfolio
Est. Season 106 (14th season)
Value    $ 35,460,000
World Rank    0
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles4  (113, 109, 108, ...)
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Franchise Profile
About Owner
I’m Nathan. I used to be the owner of the Cedar Lumbers and Jalevutos Cream, but I left the game for a while and I’m just gonna try my luck in this a third time

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Pembroke Pines Cedar Lumbers former team best players:
Batting: Natal Monroy
Pitching: Graciana Rangel

Theme Song: Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi

Manager: Dion Winkler