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Lacrimosa de Elthaela!
Ownership Alexander Beaufort
Established May 27 2021
Total Value $ 0
World Titles 0
No teams currently owned Franchise Profile
About Owner
Hello, good chaps! The name's Alexander Beaufort of the Havens and I am splendiferously tickled to meet you!
I enjoy reading books ranging from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings to The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate. I adore fantasy and all things artistic and creative.

Lacrimosa....a Elthaela!

Team Anthem: "Elthaela", by Rohandia.

Player Entrance Songs:
Chavez: "The Goblins of Grenmist" arr. Excalibur
Cornwell: "The Night Watch" by Blackwell (He just feels this personality)
Lefebvre: "Valjean" by Hyperion (He's legit French and very good at stealing)
Anglin: "Death March" by BlackHands (he has 14 homers, enough to kill any opposition's rally)
Blanco: "Ravenhill" arr. Elfranas (His style of playing is worth a novel of Dark Fantasy)
McBee: "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov (He's literally named McBEE)
Cass: "Darklight" by Breakthrough (this guy is maddingly good we might change the song to "Mad Hatter" haha.)
Palma: "The Dusk" by Renegade

About Franchise
We beat people we have no business beating. The Dallas Dragon's have a fiery drake for our mascot (what else?) and also the world's best stadium hotdogs.

Friends (sorry if I missed someone but I'll try to get everyone in here!)
Honolulu Astronauts
Pa Rhody Tests (I'LL MISS YOU!!!!)
Cambridge Longballs
New York Mets
Newark Tigers
Daly City Admirals
Philadelphia Venom
Milwaukee Lightning Badger

The Dragons are terribly unproven and inexperienced, with a terrible 13 losses this season already.
After I win the World Series I shall be much more qualified to speak upon this subject.

Far-fetched Goals of mine:
Season 98: Clinch winning season and make the playoffs. (I don't think I'll accomplish this one)
Season 99: Advance into the playoffs and try to get to semifinals at least. ( 0.1% chance)
Season 100: Make World Series (dreamer)
Season 101: Win World Series (tempting impossible)
Season 102: Win World Series (back-to-back, is there anything harder?)